Phillies Prospect Roman Quinn Becoming A Good Lead Off Hitter in the AFL

Yesterday in the Arizona Fall League Roman Quinn put on a clinic on what a team wants from a hitter leading off the game.  He started the game with a walk, stole second, moved to third on a ground out to second and scored on a ground ball to short.  The Scottsdale Scorpion were leading 1-0 before the Mesa Solar Sox ever came to bat.  The Scorpions would go on to win the game 7-6.

That is what you want from your lead off hitter. Someone who gets on base, gets in scoring position and scores the first run of the game.  Quinn is quietly have a good season in the AFL.  In 11 games so far he leads the League in steal with 9 out of 10 attempts; is tied for second in walks with 8 and is tied for third in runs scored with 8.   All what you want out of your lead off hitter.

Ironically Quinn is hitting the same .257 in Arizona that he hit in the Florida State League this season but his OBP is 21 points higher at .364 in the AFL than it was in the FSL.

He is already about to pass current Cincinnati Reds centerfielder Billy Hamilton’s 2012 AFL stolen base numbers.  In 2012 Hamilton hit .234 with a .306 OBP and stole 10 bases in 12 attempts in 17 AFL games.

Clearly, Quinn is emerging as the Phillies center fielder of the future and working to become a top notch table setting lead off hitter.  Current Phillies center fielder Ben Revere is not much a lead off hitter and rarely walks.  Revere was the first batter up 123 times for the Phils this season and walked only three time.  He had only a .292 OBP.  He is not much of a table setter to get the game started. The Phillies need someone who will jump start its offense right out of the chute and it is not Ben Revere.

The AFL still has 18 games to go before the season ends.  So far Quinn has played in 11 of the 14 Scottsdale games.  It will be interesting to follow him for the rest of the season to see if he can continue to develop in to a top notch major league prospect out of the leadoff of spot in the lineup.







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To Win Like The Kansas City Royals: The Phillies Need To Have Enough Hitting, Good Pitching, Great Defense

Major League Baseball is a copycat league.  All the teams now will be trying to copy the Kansas City Royals model to get to the World Series by having enough hitting, good pitching, great defense and a two or three base runners with speed pinch running on the bases at the right time.

Let’s have some fun.  Baseball Betsy and I saw several hundred Phillies minor league spring training, extended spring,  league and instruction  games this past season.  We visited all the Phillies minor league parks.  Let’s build the Phillies from within using the Royals as a model.

I still and will always like an offense built around the three-run homer and the “bloop and a blast” especially in a ballpark like Citizens Bank.  But let’s be honest the Royals have put together an interesting team. Yes, they have hit the long ball when needed but it has been the ability to win the one run games by various means and holding the lead close and late. The Royals bullpen is so dominating that they can shorten the game to six innings or if need be win in extra innings.

As we know the Phillies are stuck with an old team with players well past their prime in most cases so it will be important to focus on the few young players they have and the minor league system to supply the talent needed to bring the team into contention in the future.  Short of outright releases or paying other teams to take the old players away, too many of the Phillies in the current lineup will be there until the 2017 season.  Everything needs to be focused on the 2017 and 2018 seasons for  breakout years for the Phillies.  Until then it will not be pretty in the Won/Lost column.

Let’s see if the minor league system can fill any of the Phillies needs by 2017.  They will have two more drafts until then and will pick tenth next season so they will get the chance to draft major league ready prospects  just like the Royals did this season with pitcher Brandon Finnegan as the 17th pick overall in the June draft.

The Phillies minor league department has been trying to find talent by constantly moving players in and out, by the draft, signing international and American free agents and releasing players who have not measured up.  For example, on the March 10th Phillies minor league workout list, including the nine players they released last week, showed that 56 players have been released from that list over the season.

Though the Phillies minor league system led the 30 MLB systems in last place finishes in 2014, on several occasions they showed something special during the season.  Reading, to start the season went 18-1 in one run games.  The reason was they got a lead and Ken Giles in April and Tyler Knigge in May shutdown the opposition.  When they were called up to higher levels the team fell a part.

In August the GCL Phillies went 18-5 to almost make the Gulf Coast League playoffs with great starting pitching from teenagers like Elniery Garcia, Franklyn Kilome, Denton Keys and Lewis Alezones.

The Clearwater Threshers finished 40 games under .500 for the season but in their last 33 games went 17-16 because of outstanding starting pitching.  Threshers starters picking up wins during that time for the  included Aaron Nola, Jesse Biddle, Colin Kleven, Miguel Nunez, Jordan Guth and Mark Leiter Jr.

The Phillies minor league system lacked major league ready hitting in 2014..  Willians Astudillo did hit .333.  He finished second in batting the South Atlantic League.  The problem is he does not have a set position.  Mark him down as a potential utility player at third, first, left field and catching in 2017.

Up the middle J. P. Crawford will take over at short by 2017 and should be good for a long time there.  He hits and is developing power.  His swing will be ideal for Citzens Bank Park.  Look for 15  homer in the 2017 and hit .280 in the major league season from J.P.

Let’s say they somehow move out old Chase Utley by the 2017 season.  Grenny Cumana could be playing at baseball age 20 and take over at second.  Yes I can dream.  I have no doubt he can play a major league second base defensively and hit .250 and go deep seven or eight times in his rookie season.

At the infield corners I like Maikel Franco at third and Rhys Hoskins at first for the 2017 season.  They will give the lineup right handed power.  Franco will provide a strong glove at third.  He will be a 25 home run 100 RBI man.  Hoskins will come close to doing the same with the bat.

In the outfield my corners for the 2017 season would be Cody Ashe in left and Aaron Brown in right. Asche and Brown are 15 plus home run guys.  They will give the lineup  left handed hitting balance and pop.  In center, I am going with Roman Quinn.  He will supply the speed needed on the bases.   Don’t forget Carlos Duran and Dylan Cozens for center and corner outfield positions as well if they can have break seasons in the next two seasons.   Carlos Tocci and Jose Pujols are weight training and could put themselves into major league prospect contention as well in the outfield.

Behind the plate for the 2017 season will be Andrew Knapp.  He is a switch hitter with pop and has shown to have a great arm on his throws to second base in the Florida Instructional League.

Pitching is harder to project.  Arms are unpredictable.  Cole Hamels will still be under contract unless he is dealt.  After that building from within is a challenge and free agents are expensive.  Certainly Jesse Biddle has to be in the equation as does Aaron Nola.  That leaves two spots open but as they say you can never have enough pitching.  That leaves the likes of David Buchanan and Severino Gonzalez available.

At the level below I see potential breakout seasons next year from right-handers Colin Kleven, Miguel Nunez, Jordan Guth and Mark Leiter.   The best lefty starters at the low A ball level are Yoel Mecias, Matt Imhof, Brandon Leibrandt and Elniery Garcia and the top righties are Ranfi Casimiro, David Whitehead and Ricardo Pinto.  All the Phillies need is for a couple of these starting pitching prospects to have breakout seasons over the next two years to get in the 2017 major league rotation.

The bullpen is the great strength of the organization right now. Ken Giles is the closer of the future with Justin DeFratus,  Jake Diekman and Mario Hollands  setting him up. Nefi Ogando now in the Arizona Fall League can throw hard.  I have been impressed with Edubray Ramos this season.  Arms out of the pen are the least of the Phillies problems for 2017.

Here’s my projected Phillies 2017/2018 starting lineup all building from within:  1) Roman Quinn CF,  2) Cody Asche, LF,  3) Maikel Franco 3B,  4) Rhys Hoskins 1B,  5) J.P. Crawford SS,  6) Andrew Knapp C;  7) Aaron Brown RF;  8) Grenny Cumana, 2B.

It’s nice to dream but if the Kansas City Royals can do it to get back to the World Series so  so can the Phillies.  Let’s just hope it won’t take the Phillies as long as it has taken the Royals.  All it takes is some good young players who provide a little hitting, good pitching, great defense and some speed on the bases.














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Which Phillies Prospect Will Be The Next Ken Giles and Breakout This Offseason?

The 2013 season was a fascinating breakout year for Phillies, now set-up eight inning reliever, Ken Giles.  In mid season with the Clearwater Threshers that year we watched him go down on the mound after throwing a pitch with an oblique injury.  By the end of the Arizona Fall League last year he had broken out and became one of the best relievers in baseball in the 2014 season.

He was the only pitcher in baseball to dominate three leagues in a single season: the Eastern League in April, the International League in May and by mid season, the National League.

Do the Phillies have any prospect who could come close to the breakout year of Giles in the field or on the mound starting now with Fall and Winter Ball getting underway?   So far no Phillies prospects have stood out the way Giles did in the AFL last year.

We have seen up and downs with Aaron Altherr who hit two quick home runs to start the Venezuelan Winter League then this past week he has gone one for nine and has not done much offensively.

Darin Ruf got off to a good start in his first game in the Dominican League going 2 for 3 with a homer but then went 1 for 8 in the next two games.

Roman Quinn had a 4 for 5 game in the Arizona Fall League but is hitting only .250 with only one extra base hit in his first nine games.  He does lead the league in steals though with seven.

The Phillie pitchers in the AFL have been mostly ineffective and Ethan Stewart appears to be unavailable to pitch in recent games.  So not much there so far.

We might have to wait until the start of Australian Baseball League to find a break out prospect.  November 7th is the date of the first game for the Melbourne Aces of the ABL.  One of the Phillies top five tool outfielders Dylan Cozens is schedule to make his debut “down under” in that game. He is already creating a buzz down there. See HERE.

Cozens had an OK year for the Lakewood BluClaws this season but he can do better.  His 16 home runs trailed only Art Charles who had 19 long balls with Clearwater among left handed hitters in the Phillies system.  He did steal 23 bases in 30 attempts but had only an average .717 OPS and only hit .160 with two outs and runners in scoring position in the SAL.

More is expected the from big 6’6″, second round draft pick from the 2012 draft. Cozens will play most of next season at baseball 21. The big right fielder can move up in the system quickly if he can break out in the ABL this Fall.   He will likely start off the 2015 season in the Florida State League just like Giles did in 2013.

Perhaps not moving up as quickly as ” 100 miles Giles” did this season on the mound but Dylan Cozens has the potential to make it to the friendly confines of Reading’s ballpark by the second half of next season.  His his long ball numbers might take off there just like they did for Ryan Howard when he hit 37 homers in 102 games at AA back in 2004.








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The Phillies 2014 Baseball Ross All Instructs Team By Positions

For me it was the most interesting three weeks of the 2014 season season.  Watching the Phillies stars of tomorrow play today as they say.  For those of us who are transfixed by development baseball, it does not get any better than instructional baseball.  We saw them play in intrasquad games and games against the Orioles, Blue Jays, Pirates and Yankees instructional teams.

Baseball Betsy and I watch a lot of baseball here in Clearwater this year. Some good and  some not so good.  Instructs as we call it was good and it was like putting a cherry on a sundae to end the 2014 baseball season in Clearwater.  Picking a top Phillies prospect at every position was not all that hard.   The talent was that impressive and spread all over the field.

With major league team stuck with aging veterans for the next two years it looks like 2017 is the season of change at the major league level.  Some of the guys who we saw play will definitely be in the mix to make the move to the major league level by 2017.

The infield position players were the most impressive.  My all instructs catcher is Andrew Knapp.  His strong arm and power bat was easy to spot when he played.  We saw him hit a one hop drive over the .401 sign in center for a ground rule double.  In the same game he gunned two two baserunner at second trying to steal.  He is the Phillies catcher of the future who should start out as the Clearwater Threshers catcher next season.

First base was all about Rhys Hoskins. Hit the ball hard including a long home run to left at Bright House.   Hoskins used the whole field with hits down both the left field  and right field lines in games we attended.  He will be the right handed power bat the Phillies need.   Look for him to likely start the season in Lakewood but I hope the Phillies jump him right to the Clearwater Threshers.  He is just that good.

Second base belongs to Grenny Cumana.  What can’t Grenny do?  He hit, hit with power, threw and fielded at a high level.  The only thing  weak spot I saw was he was thrown out several times trying to steal second.  Cumana has a major league skill set.  He doubled against the wall in left in one game and the next game beat out an infield hit.  He lined base hits to all fields.

Cumana’s range at second was so great that he surprised Hoskin on one play up the middle where he fielded a ground ball behind the second base bag in on the shallow center field grass, turned and threw a one hop strike to first.  The throw would have caught the runner but no one was covering in time.  He will be playing at baseball age 19 next year so who know were he will play.  He should start the season as the Lakewood second baseman but in my opinion could play at any level.

J.P. Crawford will be the Phillies shortstop of the future in 2017.  He did not play in any instructs games but if we got to the games early he could be seen at the half field in front of Bright House taking ground balls.   When we were watching him he was working on his backhand in the hole between short and third.  J.P. should start the season as the Reading shortstop.  He has nothing to prove with the Threshers were he ended up this season.

Third base was held down in half the games by Jan Hernandez.  I just have to believe he will develop into to top prospect.  He did not hit much at Williamsport but he started to hit in Instructs.  In the last game of the season he had a couple of base hits.  He has the size and pop to be a major league bat.  His glove keeps getting better.  He showed greater range than I remember when he played last tear in the Gulf Coast League.  He is still very young with a great upside.  Look for him in Lakewood next year.

In the outfield we did not see a lot of Aaron Brown as they played the kids from the DWL and VWL but he will be a major league player someday soon.  He ended up the season with Lakewood.  At baseball age 23 next season he belongs in the Thresher outfield to start the 2015 season.

Carlos Duran made the best catch of  Instructs as he came out of nowhere to make a diving catch in left center.  I compared the catch to the one Lorenzo Cain made for the Royals going into right center for the Royals in the ALDS.  Duran is only 19 and should be patrolling centerfield for Lakewood in 2015.  At 19 years old he has all the tools to be a good one.

I keep waiting for Cord Sandberg to break out. He gets his hits but he needs to hit the ball hard every game.   I keep forgetting he will be only at baseball age 20 next season.  He did end the season in Williamsport with two home runs in his last two games to end the season with six in the NY-Penn League.  He should have a 15-20 home run season next year with Lakewood in the Sally.  He is a good corner outfielder so all he has to do is hit a little more and he will be there.

What can I say about Willians Astudillo.  We saw him play in left field, third base, first base and catch at instructs.  He is more than a super sub because what he can do best is hit a baseball.   He finished second in the Sally in batting average.   Was the most consistent hitter at Instructs.  He seemed to just keep knocking out doubles game after game.  He should be with the Threshers to start next season to play his four positions and DH in the Florida State League.

The top starting pitchers were Ricardo Pinto, Elniery Garcia, David Whitehead, Matt Imhof and Brandon Leibrandt.  Aaron Nola was at Instructs.  But he watched all the game from Section 111 at Bright House.  I was most impressed with Pinto and Garcia.  Of the college guys Nola will probably start off at Reading with Imhoff and Leibrandt having a shot with the Threshers.  Pinto at baseball age 21 and Garcia at baseball age 20 next season  slated for Lakewood’s starting rotation.

Out in the pen Edubray Ramos will be an impact arm probably at Lakewood next season.  He can throw in the mid 90’s with a lot of movement on his fast ball and be a power arm.      Calvin Rayburn throws three-quarter arm and looked effective as well.  Of the left handers I still like Josh Taylor but I saw him pitch only once and still have not seen him give up a run in the three times I have watched him pitch including two games in the last week of the GCL.

Taylor was one of the last free agent signings of former Chief Amateur Scout Marti Wolever before he was let go by General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr.  We saw Marti at a Wednesday Instructs game and by Friday he was gone. These instruct guys he should be proud of.  Unlike last season we never did see Amaro at any Instructs game.

My Phillies Instruct Position Player of the Year is second baseman Grenny Gumana.  The 5’5″ Cumana reminds me of a right handed hitting and fielding version of the Cardinals 5’9″ second baseman Kolton Wong.  Grenny can hit the ball far and deep and makes the spectacular plays at second look easy.

My Phillies Instructs Pitcher of the Year is Elniery Garcia,  I told Garcia he reminds me of former Yankees 1978 Cy Young award winning and four time All Star left hander Ron Guidry.  They have similar builds and stuff.  When Garcia’s had his sharp breaking pitch working and a 91 sinking mph fastball he was the best at Instructs getting strikeouts and inducing double play ground balls.

There you have it .  The 2014 Phillies Baseball Ross All Instructs team.











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An Interesting Phillies Instructs Season Was Over On Friday But Baseball Seems To Never End.

We have now seen Jesse Biddle pitch at just about every pro level in which he has appeared except the Sally league and the GCL.  Check off the Florida Instructional League.  We were a bit late for the 10:00 A.M. Friday Phillies/Blue Jays instructs game. We did see Jesse pitch most of the first two innings.  The game brought down the curtain for the Phillies Instructs and the 2014 baseball season here in Clearwater.

It was still good to catch a couple of innings of Jesse on the hill before the season ended here.   He will pitch in Puerto Rico when the season starts there the end of the month.  Unfortunately, we will have to miss his Roberto Clemente League debut.

This is what makes Instructs so interesting.  You never know who or what you might see.  The great layout catch by Carlos Duran in center on Thursday at Bright House See HERE  immediately brought to mind Lorenzo Cain’s catch for Kansas City Saturday night at Camden Yards.  No difference in the catches except one did it in the FIL and the other did it in the ALCS.   One is 6’2″ and hit .301 in the MLB while the other is 6’2″ as well and hit .299 but in the Gulf Coast League and we got to see his catch in person. 

Another difference is age.  Cain is baseball age 28 while Duran is baseball age 19.  That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.  These are young guys just developing.  Some of the plays they made though were major league.

Every time I watch Grenny Cumana play I wondered how a baseball age 18 teenager can make some of those plays he makes especially at second base? His arm is so strong that he can make the turn at second effortlessly on the double play.  Then I need to ask myself how can he hit a ball so far at the wall for a double in one game and yet beat out an infield hit as he did on Thursday in another game.

Though Duran and Cumana did not play on Friday, Willians Astudillo did.  He was a double’s machine, hitting a double in both games Thursday and Friday.  The guy can flat out hit a baseball.  The hardest thing to do in all of sports!  Willians makes it look so easy at the plate.  We saw him play at first base Friday but he also played in left field, third base and fi and behind the plate in other Instructs games.  Though his best position on the field was at the plate hitting a baseball.

Some players we expect more from than it sometimes appears.  We have to remember they have not yet turned 20 years of age.  Cord Sandberg was in centerfield on Friday.  In an earlier game in center he got turned around and was unable to camp under a long drive to center.  He did square up a line drive base hit in Friday’s game.

In left field Friday was Luis Encarnacion. He was a big international signing last year.   He is playing at only baseball age 17.  He did square up a ball for a base hit in Friday’s game. SEE HERE.   He struggles in the field though. Originally signed as a third baseman,  he was moved to first and now is working in left field.  He is a work in progress out there SEE HERE.  But he will play in the major leagues some day because of what will be his power bat.

On Friday we did see some good left handed starting pitching.  Matt Imhof and Brandon Leibrandt will be two pitchers to watch next season.  It will be interesting to see where they wind up.  I can see them moving up the Phillies chain quickly much like Vance Worley did when he skipped high A Clearwater and went right from Lakewood to Reading to start the 2009 season.

After closer Calvin Rayburn got the final Phillies Instructs pitching out in Friday’s game, baseball was all but over in Clearwater for another year.  See HERE.  But baseball is never over. We will be following the Arizona Fall League especially pitchers Adam Morgan and Ethan Stewart.  It was there in the 2013 AFL season and its Stars Game where Ken Giles broke out.and showed he was a major league ready relief pitcher.

Other young players are already playing in the Venezuela Winter League.  Aaron Altherr is off to a quick start with two homers in three games for Zulia.  There, also is Wilmer Oberto who is hitting .333 in the early going.  Cam Perkins, Mario Hollands, Ethan Martin and Mike Nesseth are on the La Guaira roster as well.

Then we will see if any of our boys get moved over the winter months especially the ones eligible for the Rule Five draft which will take place at the winter meetings in San Diego on December 11th.   Remember baseball starts up again in Clearwater February 19th with pitchers and catchers reporting for the 2015 season.

Tomorrow:  “The 2014  Baseball Ross Phillies All Star Instructs” by positions.




















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Phillies Instructs Ending With Some Good Pitching By Garcia, Defense By Duran And Timely Hitting By Cumana, Hernandez, Astadillo and Knapp

Most Instructs games go quickly but the game Thursday against the Pirates was an exception.  The game last three hours and ten minutes and the two team combined for 15 runs and at least 23 hits.  The final 8-7 win was not important.  But watching some of the pitching, defense and bats of young major league Phillies prospects was riveting baseball.

Elniery Garcia:  Elniery has been impressive in Instructs.  What impressed me was how he induced a ground ball double play with the sinker that he has been working on in Instructs. See HERE.

Carlos Duran:  Duran has put himself into outfield prospect status with a strong effort in Instructs. He made a great diving catch coming out of nowhere in center to take an extra base hit away.  See HERE.

Grenny Cumana: Grenny has been one of the  most impressive guys in camp.  His play at second has been of major league caliber. In this game he was at short.  His bat has come alive.  He has hit the long ball in earlier games but See HERE as he legs out an infield hit.  He can do it all.

Jan Hernandez:  Jan finished strong in camp.  He took an up and in pitched and lined an rbi base hit.  See HERE.

Willians Astudillo:  Willians has played in left, third, first and caught in Instruct games.  But all he does is hit.  He knows how to make contact and seems to always puts the ball in play where no one is.  See HERE.   He is more than just a super-sub. He makes hitting a baseball look so easy.

Andrew Knapp:  Knapp looks like the top catching prospect in the Phillies system.  In Thursday’s game he was one of the two designated hitters and lined a base hit to center.  SEE HERE.  He has hit, caught and thrown well.

Tomorrow we will discuss the final Instructs game on Friday against the Blue Jays  and Monday announce our 2014 All-Phillies Instructs team by position.






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Grenny Cumana Shows Power In Phillies Instructs Intrasquad Game

Middle infielder Genny Cumana continues to dazzle in Phillies Instructs games.  In today’s intrasquad action he went deep hitting a long drive to the left field wall for a double.  His high blast backed up left fielder Luis Encarnacion to the base of the wall and it just missed going out into the visitors bullpen at Bright House Field.  SEE HERE.

Cumana has been one of the most impressive players in the four week Instructs action.  His play in the field, especially at second base, has been of major league quality.  He has made all the plays from turning double plays to throwing out runners on ground balls and taking charge of high pops to shallow right field.   He has the range and arm and now add a power bat to his tool set to be a big league impact player.

But it has been his bat that his impressed us from the start of instructs.  He has hit the ball hard and today drove the ball about as far as you can to left without leaving the park.  It was the best hit ball of the six inning game by a long shot.

Though Cumana played only at the GCL rookie level this past season, its hard to believe he can be kept in extended spring training and not sent to a full season team to start the 2015 season.   He is quickly emerging as the Phillies second baseman of the future with his instructs play though had played exclusively at shortstop for the GCL Phillies this season.  He seems more at home as a second baseman which is good since J.P. Crawford is the Phillies shortstop of the future.

The 18 year-old Cumana does not turn 19 until November 10th.  He is only 5’5″.  But he plays much older and has a major league skill set comparable to the Astros All-Star second baseman and fellow Venezuelan, the 5’6″ Jose Altuve who jumped directly from AA to the Astros at baseball age 21 back in 2011.

The only shortcoming I have seen in Cumana’s game is base stealing.  On Tuesday he was thrown out twice by the Blue Jays catchers in his attempts to steal second base.  He seemed to kick up dirt in one of his attempts and did not get much of a jump.

Two other hard hit balls caught my attention in today’s game. One of the best young catchers in camp is 18 year-old switch-hitting Gregori Rivero.  He smashed a triple down the right field line in his one of his at bats. SEE HERE.   Lakewood’s second baseman this season Andrew Pullin, who is now playing in left field at Instructs, drove a ball hard into the hole to right for a base hit in one of his at bats.  SEE HERE.

On the mound Franklyn Kilome was sharp in his start.  He had struggled with command in his last start against the Blue Jays but was dominate today.

Only two more games remain before camp breaks on Friday.  Another intrasquard game is on tap for tomorrow.   Right now, I have to give consideration to Grenny Cumana as my Phillies Instructs Outstanding Player of the 2014 Camp .  He has played four weeks of eye opening baseball.




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