It’s Time For Roman Quinn and Zach Green To Stay Healthy and Move On Up in The Phillies System

Phillies longtime prospects Roman Quinn and Zach Green need to move up and have breakout seasons in 2018.  Both are starting their seventh season as prospects in the Phillies system. It’s soon now or never for them.

Roman Quinn

We moved to the Clearwater area in 2012. This same year Quinn broke in with the Williamsport Crosscutters after being a second round draft pick in 2011. He turns 25 years-old on May 14th.  He had a cup of coffee with the Phillies where he had 57 at bats with them in 2016.  He has never played more than 88 games in a season because of assorted injuries.

Zach Green Goes Deep To Left In The First Spring Training Game Of The Season

Green has had much the same issue.   He was drafted in the third round in 2012 and he turns 24-years-old on March 7th. He has never played more than 96 games in a season  because of the injury bug.  The highest level he has played was 15 games in AA last season.

Quinn’s calling card is his speed.  He showed it in yesterday’s game against the Orioles when he beat out an infield single for an RBI.  Watch HERE.  He would make an excellent pinch runner and as a switch hitter he could have an impact off a major league bench.

Green has the potential to hit the long ball.  He showed it in Thursday’s game against the University of Tampa when he hit a first pitch “no doubt about it” homer to left at Spectrum Field. Watch HERE.  He has a chance to be a big power hitter likely at AA Reading this season.  Remember, in 2015 Rhys Hoskins hit only 18 home runs including one in the playoffs at A ball in just over 500 at bats.

Quinn has his work cut out for him because all indications are that the Phillies will be carrying only four bench players this season so he has been taking grounders at shortstop. Quinn needs to make it as a super-sub.  He initially was signed to play shortstop but after his .902 fielding percent in 149 games there he was  moved to center field where he has played since 2014.

The story for Green is much the same.  He has spent parts of the last three seasons on the disabled list which has cut into his development time.  But he looks now to be in the best health of his career this spring.

Green has played the corner infield positions in his six-year career but has struggled with a .909 fielding percent at third base while fielding at .996 at first base.  He has been taking ground balls daily at third base over at Roberts Field this spring.  Watch HERE.

Green may have moved up the Phillies depth chart at third yesterday with the broken leg injury suffered by Will Middlebrooks who was playing third base in yesterday’s Orioles game.

Zach needs to improve his fielding at third and stay healthy, because he has just might have the power to be a major league corner infielder. He did hit 9 homers in only 198 at bats last season in the minors.

Two prospects to watch in spring training are Roman Quinn to see if he can make the opening day Phillies 25-man roster and Zach Green to see if he can stick as a corner infielder likely at AA or AAA to start the season.





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Seranthony Dominguez On The Mound and Zack Green and Andrew Pullin With The Bats Impress in First Spring Training Game Of The Season

The spring training opener was all about Seranthony Dominguez.  Not only was he the only pitcher to set his fastball at 96 mph in the game and but threw  knee buckling sliders to record two of his three strikeouts in his one inning of work. Watch his three strikeouts HERE.

Seranthony Domingues

The 23-year old has shot up the prospect ladder with his one inning of work in the 9-0 defeat of the University to Tampa.

In all, the Phillies used eight prospects  who each pitched one inning of work after the first two scoreless innings  by starter Jared Eickhoff.  None of the other relievers were impressive as Dominguez was.

The Phillies pitched the cream of the its minor league pitching crop and they all pitched well as they shutdown UT on seven hits over the final eight innings of the ten inning game.

An extra inning was added to get work for Brandon Liebrandt. Others who pitched a shutout innings were Jose Taveras, Tom Eshelman, Franklyn Kilome,; Enyel De Los Santo, Cole Irvin and Ranger Suarez.

Zach Green

The extra inning paid off for Zach Green and Andrew Pullin who each homered in the tenth.  Green lined his first and only pitch he saw in the game into the Tiki Bar in left for a round tripper, watch HERE.  Pullin put one in the bullpen also in left in the added frame, Watch  HERE.

Andrew Pullin

The really big story though was the outstanding inning by Dominguez who will be one to watch as the Grapefruit League gets started.

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De Los Santos Impresses On The Mound and Altherr, Walding and Cozens Do The Same With The Long Ball

We have spent are time watching pitchers throwing live batting practice and watching power bats squaring up long drives.

I have been impress watching pitch Enyel De Los Santos, acquired in the Freddy Galvis deal from San Diego.  Need to see him pitch in spring training games but he looks good so far with a nice slider.  He pitched live batting practice yesterday and the 22- year-old had good stuff.  Watch HERE.

Today, it was live batting practice that caught my eye. Aaron Altherr dropped the barrelhead on a ball and drove a pitch by Zac Curtis over the fence on Carlton Field. Watch HERE.

Dylan Cozens and Mitch Walding

Then over to Ashburn Field with the wind blowing out to right for perfect condition for Mitch Walding and Dylan Cozens to take it deep.  They put on a long ball exhibition against coaches throwing batting as they drove pitch after pitch high and deep intothe parking lot beyond the right field fence.  Watch their swings in the batting cage HERE.

The guys look ready for some games.  The first game is against the University of Tampa over at Spectrum Field on Thursday. We expect to see long ball flying all over the place and a lot of Phillies young talent on display there.



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It Was Home Run Derby Time Today In Phillies Minor League Spring Training

Across the Bay in Tampa the New York Yankees were having a Home Run Derby of their own in batting practice between Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.  Read HERE.

Right here on Roberts Field this afternoon the Phillies minor league guys were doing much the same thing.  The ball was flying out of that back field to left.  It was perfect weather conditions to take the ball deep.

Right handed, power hitters: outfielder  Carlos De La Cruz, third basemen  Zach Green and Cole Stobbe all went deep at least three times each in batting practice.  But it was catcher Deivi Grullon who went deep on three consecutive pitches that was most impressive.

I was not keeping an exact score but it was a lot of fun to watch them lift the ball far and deep  off of a coach throwing batting practice.  They were all putting on quite a show in front of  farm director Joe Jordan who was watching them from behind the batting cage.

Watch De La Cruz taking BP, HERE.

These guys are names to watch this season in the Phillies farm system. Green would seem to be targeted for third at AA Reading, Stobbe at third in high A Clearwater and Grullon catching in Reading for another season.

Watch Green and Stobbe fielding HERE.

The real question mark is where to assign De La Cruz for the 2018 season. The 18- year-old, 6′ 8″, prodigy was signed out of New York City’s George Washington High School as a free agent last August and has only played in Fall Instructs.

All 30 teams passed on De La Cruz in the 2017 draft. Even though he appears he can do it all.  Last week he caught a ball effortlessly in BP headed to the batter eye in dead center. Carlos reminds me of a taller version of Hall of Famer Dave Winfield.

The Yankee may have Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton for their home run hitting contests. But the Phillies have some younger prospects of their own who showed today on a backfield at the Carpenter Complex they can hit the ball as far and deserving of the Yankees radio voice John Sterling’s signature home run call, “It is high, it is far, it is gone!






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Velasquez and Nola Throw A Bullpen And Catcher’s Take Batting Practice To Bring Pitchers and Catchers To An End

One week down and five weeks to go in Spring Training.  The first week ended on Sunday with Vince Velasquez and Aaron Nola throwing a bullpen, pitchers running on the warning tracks and catcher taking BP all in about one-half hour over the noon hour.

Finally “pitchers and catchers” workouts will now make way for live BP, intrasquad games and the start the Grapefruit League the end of this upcoming week.

The full squad will be in camp on Monday.

So far this spring training camp has been quick and to the point lasting about an hour and half at most each day.  The Phillies definitely be well rested when the season starts at this pace.

On Sunday, we watched Velasquez and Nola throw 25 or so pitches in bullpens.  Watch HERE.

Then it was over to Schmidt Field to watch Rupp and Knapp take batting practice. Watch HERE. 

Ben Lively, Franklyn Kilome, Seranthony Dominguez, Nick Pivetta

We moved down the first base line at Ashburn Field to watch slow jogs on the warning track by the pitchers not throwing bullpens.  Watch HERE.

The day ended with a lonely jog by newly arrived pitcher Drew Hutchinson who is the only pitcher on staff to have started an opening day in the major leagues. He did it with Toronto in 2015.  Despite not pitching in the major leagues last season, he has a 30-21 MLB record, winning more MLB games than any other Phillies starting pitcher.

Watch HERE.




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One More Day Of “Pitchers and Catchers” At Phillies Spring Training

Sunday is finally the last day of “pitchers and catchers” at Phillies spring training.  No more PFPs. Yea!

Saturday was another day to work on storylines in spring training for the 2018 season.  So I decided again to wander over to the half field in front of Spectrum Field.  But I just missed infield practice.

Then, I heard the a bat cracking inside Spectrum Field. Could if be BP?  Yes it was, but the fans are not invited to watch. You see the full team is supposedly not to report until Monday.  So, the gates were locked. But I did not give up.  I was able, through the locked gates, to hear batting practice but only center and left fields were in view.

Now, I know what the meaning of a “knot hole gang” from the early years of baseball meant.  There, I was listening to batting practice because all I could see through gaps in  locked gates was tw0-thirds of the outfield.

Dylan Cozens In the Outfield

Never say die! I could watch Dylan Cozens field in right.  Watch HERE.  For Cozens, it will be a “make or break” year.  Cozens has four of five tools.  He can hit with power, run, throw and field but he did not hit for average at AAA last year.

At AAA last season, Cozens did hit 27 homers and drove in 75 runs but hit only .210.  His numbers where far off his 2016 AA numbers when he hit 40 homers, drove in 125 runs and hit 276.

Jerad Eickhoff

After that, I ventured back to the Carpenter Complex where the Phillies pitchers and catchers were going through their paces for another season.  On Roberts and Carlton Fields we saw the Phillies likely starting five pitchers, Aaron Nola, Vince Velasquez, Jerad Eickhoff, Nick Pivetta and Ben Lively.  They were going through infield drills along with the two top rookie pitchers in camp Enyel De Los Santos and J.C. Hammer. Watch HERE.

Logan Moore

Then, we to watched several of the catchers in camp do infield drills and take BP including Edgar Cabral, Logan Moore, Nick Rickles and likely starting catcher Jorge Alfaro.  Watch HERE.

Jorge Alfaro

Another day of spring training is in the books.  Monday can’t come too soon to get the rest of the team’s position players out from behind the locked gates of Spectrum Field and  officially ready for the Grapefruit League games!



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Watch Luis Garcia Welcome J.D. Hammer To The Phillies Bullpen

It’s real early in spring training. No pitches have even been thrown in a game. But J.D. Hammer is moving up for a spot in the Phillies bullpen.

JD Hammer in the Phillies major league camp

Not having any access to inside information, we can only rely on what we see.  Thursday, Hammer was going through PFP drills with guys hoping to make the AA or AAA opening day rosters.  Friday, Hammer found himself assigned to bullpen pitchers who were on the 2017 Phillies AAA and major league rosters.

JD Hammer in the Phillies 2018 major-league camp

He even got a handshake from veteran reliever Luis Garcia after being assign to his new work group.  Watch HERE.

Hammer went through intensive fielding and bunting drills on Friday.  Last season he pitched for Clearwater in high A where pitchers do not bat.  He was the best bunter of the five relief pitchers in his group.  Watch HERE.

Hammer was acquired in the Pat Neshek deal with Colorado at the trade deadline last season. He could very well be sitting the same bullpen with Neshek at some point this season.

JD Hammer in the Phillies 2018 major league camp

Last season Hammer allowed only one run in 15.2 inning with the Threshers and one run in 13.2 innings in the Arizona Fall League. He was voted one of the two top relievers by the MLBPipline staff in the Arizona Fall League.

JD Hammer in the Phillies 2018 major league camp

Hammer is one to watch as Grapefruit games start next weekend as the fights for a spot in the Phillies bullpen.




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