Cody “smache” Asche Keeps Coming Up Big In The Desert

“Singles on a line drive to center field”;  “doubles on a sharp ground ball to right”; doubles on a line drive to right”.  Not bad in three straight at bats for Cody Asche in the Arizona Fall League yesterday.  He raised his average to .302 to lead all third basemen in the league in batting average and continues to lead the AFL in doubles with nine in 18 games.  Better yet Cody has yet to commit an error at third base.  And the left handed hitting Asche has a knack of hitting both righties and lefties.  In his brief tenure in the AFL he is hitting left handed pitching at .333 and right handers at .294.

Still what Cody is doing in the AFL in which the “creme de la creme” of young baseball talent play might not be good enough to crack the Phillies 2013 starting lineup.  Even with Polly Polanco gone and not much else available at third Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr.  said last week that the 22 year old Asche is a year to a year to a year and a half away from starting at Citizens Bank Park.  He did seem to imply though that Cody could prove them wrong and make the jump from AA to the major leagues.

Hard to believe that playoff teams like the Orioles, Rangers and Tigers can start players even younger than Cody “smache” Asche in their 2012 post season starting lineups but the Phillies are very reluctant to consider such young talent at third in their opening day 2013 lineup.   Let’s hope Cody can continue to force them to give him a shot in spring training at third base.  That’s all any one can ask!


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