Hitting For The Cycle Is Rare But Phillies Prospect Cameron Perkins Comes Close

Last night was almost hitting for the cycle night in the Phillies system.  At the major league level in Philadelphia Michael Young grounded out in his last chance to hit for the cycle.  He needed to double in his last at bat against the Mets after hitting a homer, triple and single in his previous at bats.   Down in Daytona Florida last night for the Clearwater Threshers , Cameron Perkins singled in his last at bat after hitting a triple and double earlier in the game.  However, in his previous game on Sunday he lined a home run over the left field wall at Brighthouse.  It took Cameron  back to back games but his last four hits were for the cycle.

Watching last night’s Phillies games Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy mentioned how tough it was to hit for the cycle .  They mention that in Phillies uniforms only Johnny Callison did it back in the 60’s, Greg Jeffries in the 90’s and David Bell several years ago.  So in about 50 years only three players with the Phillies have hit for the cycle.  It was mentioned that Michael Young now has had 29 times in his major league career where he had three of the four types of hits he needed for the cycle but never all four in the same game.  Let’s give Perkins some credit for getting a single, double, triple and home run over two consecutive games.

It will be interesting to see where Perkins winds up when right fielder Kelly Dugan returns from a lower back injury.  Dugan is a needed left handed bat for the Thresher lineup.  Perkins is now playing in right and leading the Threshers in hitting at .333.  He also can play the infield corners but he might be moved to left field because his bat is badly needed in the hitting challenged Threshers lineup.



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  1. Johnnyboiler says:

    He is a PURDUE product! Go Boilers!

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