Phillies Prospects Altherr, Charles and Cozens Give Hope For More Offense

As Instructs go into the second of the three week season with yesterday’s game, three Phillies Instructs put on quite an offensive show in beating the Tigers 9-7.  Between them, Aaron Altherr, Art Charles and Dylan Cozens had seven hits, scored five runs and drove in five runs. It was the type of offensive outburst that gives hope that better days are ahead for the Phillies system at least scoring runs.

Every one is complaining about the poor offensive statistics the big league Phillies put up this season.  They were last in run differential and near the bottom in just about every other offensive category in the National League.  Cliff Lee rightly pointed out that the team needs to score more runs and the beat writers have well documented the team’s offensive futility.

I went to the minor league 2013 statistics to come up with my measure of offensive prowess.  All total only 11 players in the Phillies minor league system had more runs scored and RBIs  combined than games played.   I call this Offense Plus or O+ for short.  These are the guys who on average generated a run or more for every game played.  Here were the only eleven players in the minor league system who had an O+ rating:  Maikel Franco +58, Wilmer Oberto +25, Zach Green +19, Dylan Cozens +17,  Cody Asche +16, Art Charles +13, Kelly Dugan +9, Darin Ruf +7, Jim Murphy +6, Cameron Perkins +4 and Aaron Altherr +3.

These were the guys who got on base, scored and drove in runs this season in the organization.  It becomes obvious just how important Maikel Franco is to the future of the Phillies.  No one comes close to his offensive production in the 2013 season which he did at Clearwater and Reading this season. Though several of the others were at rookie ball or half season league levels,  right now they provide the best prospects to generate more runs scored for the big team some day at the major league level.

Baseball Betsy and I were fortunate to see three of the younger O+ guys play yesterday at Brighthouse Field and they did not disappoint.   Altherr banged out three hits including a double, scored three runs and had two RBIs. Charles had two hits including a double, a sacrifice fly RBI,  scored two runs and drove in two.  And Cozens who had only two at bats and singled both times for an RBI.

Below is video of several of the at bats of Altherr, Charles and Cozens from yesterday’s game:

Dylan Cozens Single #1

Dylan Cozens Single #2

Aaron Altherr Single

Aaron Altherr Double

Art Charles Double

Art Charles Sacrifice Fly


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