Dylan Cozens and Art Charles Give Phillies A New Power Hitting Tandem In The Future

It was another great day for baseball and Baseball Betsy and I were able to watch two more  Phillies  minor league spring training camp games.   The two A level teams played at the Englebert Complex, the great minor league facility of the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin on Saturday afternoon after taking batting practice at the Carpenter Complex only few miles down the road in the morning.

Yes, both of the A level Phillies teams won their games from the Blue Jays but in minor league camp games winning or losing is not all that important but how they played the games does matter.  And both of the games were well played.

The Phillies have been working overtime on bunting and situational baseball at all level this spring but I still like the big power hitters.  I was brought up on the three-run homer.  In the low A game Saturday first baseman Wilmer Oberto laid down a perfect bunt base hit along the infield grass edge of the third base line.  But I will always take his 400 ft. home run that I saw him belt earlier in the week.  Give me the pop of a Dylan Cozens, Art Charles   or Wilmer Oberto. Who needs the bunt?  This is the type of power hitting that the Phillies need if they are ever to regain prominence in the National League East in future years.

Below Cozens triples to left and Charles doubles to right to get the Phillies A+ team on the board in Saturday’s action.

photo 2

photo 3

As Clearwater Threshers season ticket holders we just received notification yesterday that we will get to meet the 2014 edition of the Threshers at Brighthouse Field on April 2nd.  We’re hoping we get to meet the power hitting tandem of Dylan Cozens and Art Charles, as starting members of the Threshers this season.

The left handed power bats of Cozens and Charles showed why they are so exciting to watch.    Early in the high A game Cozens led off with a long triple to left center.  He just took an easy swing and the ball jumped of his bat to the gap.  He used his great speed by stretching what at first appeared to be a double into a triple by sliding safely into third just ahead of the throw.  Charles then followed with a double into the gap in right center to get the A+ team on the board and on their way to the win.

Below Feliberto Sanchez shows his delivery in pitching two shutout innings in the A- game.

photo 1

Later over on the adjacent field we turned and watched the low A team get good pitching all game long to down the Blue Jays 4-2.  Tyler Viza started and with a fastball sitting at 89 showed why is he is a highly regarded starter.  Our good friend Feliberto Sanchez then came on to pitch the next two  innings with his first pitch on the Phillies speed gun sitting at 90 mph.  Sanchez’s second inning of work was his best with two strikes outs.  He finished  by giving up two hits, no runs or walks in his two innings on the mound.

Second baseman Andrew Pullin has had a big spring camp for the A- team this week with a couple more hits in Saturday’s game including a double to left.  Below he shows his stance as he gets ready to face the Blue Jays pitching in Saturday’s game.

Sunday is Pennsylvania day in Florida.   The Phillies minor leaguers face their Pirate counterparts.  The AAA and AA teams travel to Pirate City in Bradenton.  We expect to watch the A teams battle  at the Carpenter Complex while Ryne Sandberg’s major league team takes on the Pirates at the same time over on Brighthouse Field.

photo 4


About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here: https://baseballross.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/how-i-got-started-in-baseball/
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10 Responses to Dylan Cozens and Art Charles Give Phillies A New Power Hitting Tandem In The Future

  1. will says:

    Its great to hear about cozens having an amazing spring!!! I wonder if he skips lakewood and goes to clearwater to start the season. I was hoping to see him in lakewood this year. What do you think?

    • Right now they have had Cozens starting every game I have seen with the Clearwater team. The way he has played will make it difficult to move him down to Lakewood. I was surprised they kept him in extended spring training then to Williamsport last year and not have sent him to Lakewood. The next two weeks will be interesting to see what they will do. Saturday they had the Lakewood or low A team starting outfield of Larry Greene in left, Cord Sandberg in center and Jonathan Knight in right. The high A team has had Samuel Hiciano in left and Cozens in right starting about every game this week with Tocci and Tromp in center. They have had many outfield injuries at AAA and AA with Hewitt, Altherr, Jiwan James, Brandon Short and David Sappelt wearing the red injury jerseys in Saturday’s workouts. Some of these guys will be released and others will be kept in extended spring training. The next two weeks will be interesting.

      • will says:

        How is larry greene looking? Last year in lakewood he was a very big dissapointment. Hope thiz year he breaks out. Im excited to read that pullin is hitting a lot too!

      • I have not seen Tocci really drive the ball yet in the games I have attended. Jan Hernandez has been impressive and looks much stronger than last year in GCL. His defense at third has improved. Larry Greene has chipped in with some extra base hits. Fumbled a ground ball base hit to him in left yesterday for a one base error.

      • will says:

        Also hows tocci looking? I will be shocked if they push him up a level this year. Do you think they will? I would not mind at all seeing cord in lakewood this year:) also how is jan hernandez looking?

      • Would not be surprised to see Sandberg in extended spring training and then Williamsport. This is what they did with Cozens last year. I believe Cozens needs to be challenged in the Florida State League. He has earned the double jump. Brighthouse is a more accurate field to measure his talent anyway. In the end you probably will see Cozens in Lakewood to start the season with Larry Greene and Tocci. They need a right-handed power bat so the fourth outfielder and DH at Lakewood will probably be Sam Hiciano who has looked good on the outfield corners with Cozens this spring and played with him at Williamsport last year. Sam also can play in right.

  2. will says:

    Im hoping to see cozens in lakewood. He would be real fun to watch! Hows deivi grullon doing?

    • Deivi is one of my favorites. Caught the first half of today’s game against the Pirates. Sweaney came on to catch in the last half of the game. He is going to be a good one. Great tools except foot speed. Probably extended spring training and Williamsport since he is so young.

  3. Dalton says:

    Great Right ups as always Ross! Thank you for providing information day to day about the future of our Phillies! Question, any news upon Pujols? I know the minor league writers were at awe with him last season. I was just curious how we has been doing so far at the start of this camp/season

    • He is the right fielder for Group five. Did watch him against the Candian team the other day. He is progressing and has squared up some pitches. I would expect him to remain in extended spring training and play either again in the GCL or Williamsport. Reminds me of a right-handed version of Domonic Brown.

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