The Phillies Top Catching Prospect Deivi Grullon Was On Fire With The Bat Today Against The Pirates

“You know it when you see it” is one of my favorite terms when someone ask me how do you spot a future major league prospect in action.  Today on Mike Schmidt Field we all could spot a major league talent when we saw the Phillies top young catching prospect Deivi Grullon in action.  He was on fire with the bat.  He banged out three hits including two doubles to left, scoring the first run and driving in the winning run with a base hit through a drawn in infield in the bottom of the eight to give the Phillies low A team a 3-2 win over the Pirates. You can see video of Grullon’s game winning hit HERE

As you can see in the video Grullon owns left-handed pitching.  In the GCL last season he hit .462 against lefties.  In the final month of the GCL season last year he hit .344 overall.  The 18 year old is simply continuing what he did in August of last year when he finished strong.

To me the best thing about the Phillies minor league spring training camp games is watching what is basically the low A team play. You can project a future major league lineup on that team at just about every position in a few years.  Today’s lineup had Grullon catching, Wilmer Oberto at first, Andrew Pullin at second and Jan Hernandez at third.  In left was Cord Sandberg and in center was Dylan Cozens.  All top major league prospects.

Midway through the low A game we saw infield instructor Chris Truby walking with the Phillies shortstop of the future J.P. Crawford for what I believe was additional work on ground balls at the half field in front of Brighthouse Field.  Crawford reportedly started for the high A team playing on Roberts Field but has been the low A shortstop in most camp games.

Sandberg and Hernandez each had base hits in today’s game.  Both made “web gem” fielding plays a well.  Hernandez laid out at third going to his left to field on a hard hit ground ball and then jumped up to throw out the runner at first.  Sandberg made a shoe string diving catch in front of him in left on a line drive to take a base hit away.

Pitchers Ranfi Casimiro went 3.2 innings followed by Alejandro Arteaga who went 4.i innings. They held the Pirates to a run each.  Then Grullon drove in the go ahead run in the bottom of the eight to break a 2-2 tie. Ulises Joaquin came on to pitch in the ninth, striking out two.

If this team stays together as it is now made up the fans in Lakewood should be in for an exciting season of baseball played by good young players under manager Greg Legg.   Deivi Grullon, who batted fourth today, should be right in the middle of most of the offensive action for them if he is assigned to Lakewood Blueclaws just as he was in today’s game .   The 2014 Lakewood team should be loaded with future major league talent because “you know it when you see it” as we did today on Schmidt Field against the Pirates.


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One Response to The Phillies Top Catching Prospect Deivi Grullon Was On Fire With The Bat Today Against The Pirates

  1. will says:

    If this is lakewoods possible lineup of prospects it will be a funnnn start of the season 🙂

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