Key Young Phillies Prospects Stood Out Tuesday In The Same Lineup: J.P. Crawford, Dylan Cozens, And Deivi Grullon

It was one of those days.  The rains cancelled the regularly scheduled camp games against the Pirates but by two o’clock in the afternoon the weather had cleared, the fields had dried out enough so the Phillies intrasquad games could take place at the Carpenter Complex with the AAA team vs. the AA team on Roberts field and the high A team playing the low A team on Schmidt Field..

Baseball Betsy and I settled in behind the fence on Schmidt Field and prepared to watch the Phillies stars of tomorrow play. What an exciting afternoon of baseball it was on Schmidt Field.  My interest was focused on the low A team which will become the Lakewood BlueClaws.

Shortstop J. P. Crawford put on a show for us with four hits including his first home run of the camp far over the right center field fence. He also doubled and hit two singles in going 4 for 5 in the game.

Back in right field after several games in center, Dylan Cozens hit two balls to right which with his ability to motor on the bases he turned into triples.  He also doubled.  Nothing is more interesting than watching the  6’6″ Cozens with his speed and power  running the bases for triples.  In just in the games I have seen him play this spring he has hit three triples.

Up from Group Five for the game was Deivi Grullon who was the catcher for the low A team.  He singled and caught all nine innings.

I have no doubt that these three players will be the Phillies of the future in a few years at shortstop, right field and behind the plate.  It was like watching the future unfold right before our eyes in real time.  Who wants to wait until  2016 or 17 spring training? Crawford, Cozens and Grullon will be three of the eight starting position players for the Phillies in three or four years if not sooner.

Between the three of them in the game on Tuesday, they combined to hit a homer, two triples, two doubles and three singles.  Not bad for an afternoon’s work by three prospects all of whom are under 20 years of age.

Below, J.P. Crawford watches his long home run as he runs to toward first base after dropping the barrel of his bat on the ball.  The ball probably traveled close to 400 ft. high over the right-center field fence. photo   Deivi Grullon caught all nine innings for the low A team in Tuesday’s game against the high A team in the intrasquad game on Schmidt Field.  He looks to be the Phillies top young catching prospect under 20 years of age in the system. photo


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