Jesus Posso Was Our New Reason to Watch Clearwater Threshers Baseball

When you’re a season ticket holder of a team now 12 games under .500 and the first month of the season still has a week to go, you find different reasons to go the games.  Every Monday is Feeding Frenzy which means all the Lucky Dill half sandwiches you can eat in three hours or until they run out.  I try to stay in shape so I just had two.  Every Tuesday is dollar dog night. I do not like hot dogs! So no thanks.  Seems like fireworks for every weekend game.  I do not like fire works! We leave before they go off.   So I must find other reasons to go to each Threshers games to justify the season ticket’s cost since winning baseball, which I like, might be rare this season.

Last night, it was 14-3 in the eight inning as the Daytona Cubs were beating up on our Threshers–Baseball Betsy and I were still in the stands. The family in front of us left frustrated in the sixth inning telling us they were leaving if the Threshers fell behind by ten runs.  We had put in time watching an extended spring game against the Yankees over on Ashburn Field in the afternoon so we were a bit played out and our two puppies needed walked back home but we still hung there.  I was glad we did.

In the top of the eight inning, young 19 year old Columbian catcher Jesus Posso came running out of the Threshers dugout to make his Florida State League debut.  We had watched Jesus play in the minor league spring training camp and in the last week or so in extended spring game at first base.  A guy with thinner Pablo Sandoval looks, Passo took his crouch behind home plate and he was now an Advanced A level catcher after playing last year in the Dominican Summer League.

Over at the extended game earlier I saw Jesus and asked him if was playing tonight for the Threshers.   He shook his head “no’ but had a big smile on his face.  Guess he knew something might happen.  Then in the bottom of the eight last night he came to bat with a runner in scoring position and on the first pitch he lined a gap double to left center, as Baseball Betsy was yelling “Let’s GO Jesus” from our seats behind home plate, for his first FSL hit and rbi.

Then the ball came rolling back in from left field to the dugout for Posso to keep.  Maybe it was not like the Ryan Howard ball which came back in to  be authenticated in Colorado in Sunday’s Phillies game in case Ryan gets credit for hitting for the cycle, but it will be a ball Passo will never forget. Even if the score was now  14-4 D-Cubs after hit double.

I am glad we stayed last night.  But as soon as Posso hit his double we called it a night at the ball park. As they say at every baseball game you will see something you never saw before.   Now it’s all about the little things like a young guy getting his first FSL hit that fans like us must looks for as reasons to watch baseball at Bright House Field this season.

In this afternoon’s game in his first start behind the plate Posso hit his first Florida State League home run.  A long drive to left center that landed on the berm grass just to the left of the visitors bullpen at Bright House Field in the Threshers 6-3 win over the Daytona Cubs.

Last night in pictures below Posso got his first hit, an rbi double to the wall below, on the first pitch he faced in the Florida State League.  His home run today would go over the same wall seen below and land on the grassy berm.





photo 2


Retrieving the ball from Posso’s first FSL hit.









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