Andrew Pullin and Brock Stassi Use Long Balls To Power Up The Baseball Ross +/- List

The Phillies finally broke out of their hitting slump yesterday in the big 9-0 win over the Colorado Rockies.  In the 18 games before that they had been shut six times including Sunday’s no-hit game by the Dodgers Josh Beckett.  The good new is that a few of the Phillies prospects are starting to show some offensive prowess on the Baseball Ross +/- Offensive Rating List.  The Phillies organization can use some hot bats to generate some runs just about everywhere.

We welcome two Phillies minor league newcomers to our nearly famous List.  Lakewood’s second baseman Andrew Pullin has hit five homer in his last 19 games and Reading’s first baseman Brock Stassi has hit four long balls in his last 15 games to join the all but exclusive list.  Also, they have been successful with sacrifice fly RBIs this season.  Pullin has three and Stassi has two sac. flies.   For the season on the +/- list, Pullin has a +1 as does Stassi.  But so far in May, Pullin has a +9 and Stassi has a +4.

Only nine players in the entire Phillies minor league system are in positive territory on our List for the season.

At Lehigh Valley, it’s Cameron Rupp +3; Tyler Henson +2 and Leandro Castro +1.  Henson and Maikel Franco have put up big offensive numbers in May so far.  Henson is a +9 and Franco is a +5 for the month.  Because of a slow start Franco is still a -3 for the season.  Rupp is putting up unusual numbers for the season at AAA hitting five homers but for only a .204 average in 17 games.  He has walked 11 times in 65 plate appearances while last year at Lehigh Valley he walked only 10 times in 194 plate appearances for the season.

At AA, Reading keeps on winning one run games.  Its offense scores timely runs but not many of them.  They have only two active players on the positive side of our list for the season: Cameron Perkins +3 and Stassi at +1.  Carlos Alonso drops out of the positive category for the first time this season and is now at a -2 but several more games remain in May for him to finish the month strong.  Tommy Joseph at +6 remains on the disabled list and Cesar Hernandez at +1 was called up to the Phillies.

The Advanced A Threshers now have a 10-39 record after winning on Sunday after breaking a 10 game losing streak.  Offensively they have only one player, Gabriel Lino, in positive territory at +2.  For them to be competitive the Threshers need Lino in the lineup somewhere every game.  Even Pete Lavin has fallen into negative territory at -4 though he is still hitting .301 for the season.

Lakewood has two other players in positive territory in addition to Pullin.  Clean up hitter   Willians Astudillo is a +5 and J.P. Crawford  is at +1.   Dylan Cozen hit a couple of home runs last week and is now even on the +/- list.

Compiling the offensive rating list is rather simple:  Just add up a player’s runs scored and runs batted in and then subtract his games played.   It give you a good comparison of a player’s offensive contribution.







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