Corey Kluber Sounded A lot Like Colin Kleven To Me

I guess we have watch too much Phillies minor league baseball this past season.  I must admit I have never heard of the American League Cy Young winner Corey Kluber until his name was announced yesterday.  My first reaction was which team does he play for.  Then I thought his name sounded a lot like one of my favorite Phillies minor league pitcher’s Colin Kleven.

Until the Kansas City Royals came along October I never paid much attention to the American League this season.  Don’t believe in the designated hitter and never will.  It’s ironic since we live in a county which is home to an American league team and another AL team spring trains three blocks down the street from our home.

I know way more about Colin Kleven though.  Baseball Betsy and I would make extra efforts to get to Bright House Field this season when he pitched especially the final month of the Clearwater Threshers season.  Colin was outstanding.  He finished the season strong going 3-2 to help a struggling Threshers team turn the season around. The team went 17-16 over its final 33 games.  Up until that point they were 41 games under .500 in what one coach was overheard describing as a long season.

You see Kleven struck out 32 batters in 27.1 innings in his five starts in August.  He was over powering and dominating at times.  He was one of few Phillies minor league starting pitchers to average more than a strikeout an inning in one month.   In August Colin went 2-2, averaged 10.6 strikeouts per nine innings and gave up only one home run.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the A.L. Cy Young winner Corey Kluber did in August.  Like Colin, he too went 2-2,  averaged 11.3 strikeout per nine innings and gave up one home for August.

So you can see why ole Baseball Ross could be confused.

Oh! wait a minute.  Our guy did his pitching in the Florida State League and his season ended on August 31st while Kluber pitched for the Cleveland Indian who were trying to get into the post season and went 5-1 in his six starts in September.   Who knows what Kleven could have done in September since he was just breaking out as a top starting pitcher when the FSL season ended.

Now, I know along with every other baseball fan all about Corey Kluber.   Hopefully someday every fan will know all about Colin Kleven as well.

To see the videos of Colin Kleven rack up many of his strikeouts you can visit or subscribe to Baseball Betsy’s You Tube channel by going to and putting baseballbetsy in the search box and click on the picture.







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