Phillies Prospect Grenny Cumana Is A Favorite On The Baseballbetsy YouTube Channel

It seems all the minor league baseball analysts do is busy themselves ranking the top Phillies prospects in some type of numerical order.  Yes, on Monday another ranking of them came out.  The latest one popped up on the SB Nation website by Nick Melotte.  SEE HERE.

Still one of our top Phillies prospect did not make this list, or any list that has come out and he is middle infielder Grenny Cumana.   He did make my 2014 Phillies minor league position list as the top second base prospect in the Phillies system.  But I am only a fan in the stands.

But most importantly, Grenny did win the Baseballbetsy YouTube Channel’s 2014 Highest Average Viewed Per Video title.  His six videos on her channel averaged 245 views for first place in this category.  He finished third in total overall views with 1,469 trailing only pitcher Elniery Garcia who came in second with a total of 1,563 views from his 18 videos and overall leader in total views pitcher Colin Kleven with his 1,796 views from his 22 videos on the channel.  We just found another video of Grenny where he puts the barrel of the bat on a pitch against the Pirates instructs and drives it to the track in left at Brighthouse Field.  See HERE.  We never get tired of watching Grenny.

The Phillies No.1,  2014 draft pick Aaron Nola had the highest total single viewed video at 832.  This video was of the first batter he faced for the Clearwater Threshers in a game vs Lakeland after signing with the Phillies.  See HERE.  His six videos on Betsy’s YouTube channel totaled 1,358 views for fourth place with a 226 average.

So Grenny Cumana may not be considered a top 20 prospect or even merit an honorable mention by the minor league rating experts who post endless lists of ratings on the internet but his six videos tell a different story.  They were the highest averaged watched videos of any player with more than one video in 2014 on the Baseballbetsy Youtube Channel, See Here.  And that’s all that counts for a 19 year-old prospect who can hit, hit with power, run, throw and field.  He is going to be a good core player for the Phillies someday in the future.

We have tried to bring fans of the Phillies minor league system video in 2014 of the Phillies prospects who played primarily for the Threshers, GCL Phillies and the Phillies Instructs through our eyes.  Since they receive little video coverage from Clearwater we hoped to fill a void for those of us who follow the Phillies minor league system.

From the beginning of April to the end of 2014 we included video of over 50 players and had nearly 18,000 views of the videos from April 1st to the end of the year on the channel.   We thank these young Phillies minor league players who provided us with such interesting baseball videos all season long and the fans who took the time to view them on the Baseballbetsy YouTube channel.
















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