The GCL Phillies: Where The Phillies Stars Of Tomorrow, Such As Falter, Kiest, Randolph, Arauz, and Luis, Play Today

The GCL Phillies have the second best record in all of rookie baseball.  Going into today’s game the Phillies are 20-6 trailing the AZL Royals at 19-5 of the Arizona League.  They are tied for second in batting average and fourth in ERA in the Gulf Coast League.

On Monday they beat the Yankees2 team 7-5 on Robin Roberts Field and again yesterday at the Yankee Complex 3-0. We were at Monday’s game and shot some interesting videos of the key plays in the game.

We watched 18-year old starter Bailey Falter, the Phillies fifth round pick and their top pitching selection in the draft.  He struck out four in two innings and has struck out 12 in 9 innings of work in three appearances so far in the GCL.   Though he gave up all five Yankee runs on eight hits in only two innings you can see his potential.  Watch HERE.

Tanner Kiest came on to pitch three shutout innings. See one of his strikeouts HERE.

Tanner Keist

Tanner Kiest

First round pick Cornelius Randolph continues to hit with runners in scoring position.  He is hitting .440 with 16 RBI’s with RISP in 23 games.  Watch him drive in another run on a double on a ball ball lined just to the right of the batter’s eye. HERE.

Cornelius Randolph hits a RBI double.

Cornelius Randolph hits a RBI double.

A middle infielder of the future, 16-year old Jonathan Arauz continues to hit.  He went 3 for 5 and was in on two double plays from second base in the game.  Watch one of his base hits HERE.

The turning point in the game was centerfielder Juan Luis hitting a three run homer with the Phillies trailing 5-4 in the bottom of the eight.  See HERE.

On Monday we watched the stars of tomorrow playing.  It’s rewarding to look into the Phillies future and see a Bailey Falter, Tanner Kiest, Cornelius Randolph, Jonathan Arauz and Juan Luis playing today.




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