The Phillies Minor League “Slugging Three” Knapp, Cozens and Hoskins All Go Deep In Yesterday’s Action

It was fun following Phillies minor league games yesterday.  Not much is going on at Bright House or the Complex so we had to turn the internet for get the latest on the farmhands.

We were not disappointed yesterday as we watched switch-hitting catcher Andrew Knapp and left-handed hitting right fielder Dylan Cozen homer for Reading, Watch HERE and HERE. and followed on the internet right-handed hitting first baseman Rhys Hoskins go deep for Clearwater at Daytona.

For Knapp it was his 13th of the season and 11th with Reading.  He has been on fire. Since early August he has hit 9 homers in his last 23 games.  The switch hitter has hit ten from the left side and three from the right side this season.

In only five games since being called up from Clearwater, Cozens has hit three homers.  He has taken to hitting in the friendly confines of Reading’s First Energy Park.  He has driven two shots out to right center and one to left center.  He only hit five homers all season in the Florida State League where long balls simply don’t carry well in the heat, humidity and crosswinds.

Hoskins has played in unfriendly hitters parks in Lakewood and Clearwater this season.  Yesterday, he hit his eight of the FSL season at Daytona to go with nine homers he had hit with Lakewood earlier in the season.  Still, his 17 homers lead the entire Phillies minor league system.

Hoskins hit only one of his nine homers with Lakewood at home.  Lakewood’s home park is one of the most difficult to hit homers anywhere.  Bright House is not much more favorable to the long ball.  Rhys has hit 6 of his 8 FSL homers on the road.  So far he has hit 14 of 17 homers this year on the road.  We can conclude that if he played in more hitter friendly home ball parks he might have 30 long balls at this stage of the season.

With the unpredictable status of the Phillies Front Office, it is impossible to project what the future will hold for Knapp, Cozens and Hoskins.   With less than a week left in the minor league season, the three have hit for a total of 38 home runs combined this season.

The future for the “slugging three” remains to be seen.  The 23- year old Knapp and the 21- year old Cozens will be heading to the Arizona Fall League starting October 13th.  The 22- year old Hoskins was not invited to participate in the AFL by the Phillies Front Office.








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