Pitcher Felix Paulino and The Phillies Instructs Move Into Week Three Against the Blue Jays Instructs

One of the more interesting pitchers at Instructs is Phillies 20-year starter Felix Paulino.

Paulino is only in his second year in professional baseball after pitching this season for the GCL Phillies.

Felix Paulino

Felix Paulino

He was selected by MiLB.com as the right-handed pitcher on the Gulf Coast League All- Star team last month.  In 50 innings he went 5-4 with a 2.34 ERA.   What was impressive was he walked only 5 but struck out 46.  His 9-1 strikeout to walk ratio was one of the highest in baseball.  The average should be close to 3-1.

Today at the Blue Jays minor league complex we were able to watch Paulino pitch the sixth and seventh innings in an instructs game.  Again he pounded the strike zone.  He did give up a home run to lead off the seventh. That’s why they call it instructs.

Paulino went on to retire the next three batters in turn including a called strike three to end the inning using his slider and then his fastball on the corner.  Watch HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

I would not be surprised to see Paulino open the 2016 season season in Lakewood and move up to Clearwater by mid-season.  He would follow a path similar to starter Ricardo  Pinto this season.  Pinto ended this season as a starter in the FSL playoffs with the Threshers after starting the season with Lakewood.

Remember the name Felix Paulino.  He is going to be a good one.





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