Phillies Prospects Casimiro, Hoskins and Arano Continue To Be Weekend Standouts In The Offseason Leagues

Same old story different day.  The Phillies do have three prospects playing strong offseason ball around the world and they continued to do it over this past weekend.  They were pitcher Ranfi Casimiro in the Dominican, first baseman Rhys Hoskins in Australia and set-up pitcher Victor Arano in Mexico.

The 23-year old Casimiro has been outstanding in his three starts for his hometown team, the Aguilas Cibaenas.  In 14 innings in his starts, 12 of them have been shutout innings. In Saturday’s game he pitched five innings and struck out five with no walks.

His improvement in his three starts in the Dominican League can be measure when comparing his current WHIP and ERA with his 2015 and 2014 seasons as a starter in Lakewood:  WHIP/ERA: DWL, 1.07/2.57; LAK, “15” 1.15/3.35; LAK “14” 1.57/4.92.

Watch two of Casimiro’s strikeouts on big breaking pitches against left handed bats against the Gigantes on Saturday:  HERE and HERE.

Hoskins will turn 23-years old in March and has been a model of consistency so far this season.  Compare his 2015 OBP/SLG/OPS with the three teams for whom he has played in 2015: Lakewood, .397/.525/.922; Clearwater, .394/510/.904 and Sydney Australia, .356/ 566/.922.  He is one of the few players in minor league baseball to have an OPS over .900 in 2015.

Combined for the three teams he has played for so far in 2015, Hoskins has hit 20 homers and driven in 102 runs in 151 games.  He is one of the few power bats in the Phillies system.

See his two hits on Sunday in a game against Adelaide in the ABL.  His single can be seen on the video replay of the game from the 33:20 to 34:40 mark and the double from the 2:02:05 to 23:03:35 mark.  Watch HERE.  His ninth double leads the ABL.

Twenty year-old Victor Arano picked up his sixth save in the Mexican Pacific League yesterday to go with three wins and a save in 15 games in relief.  Over 16.2 innings he has struck out 15, walked only 2 and has given up only one run.  Arano was a starter for the Threshers in 2015 and appeared in only two games in a relief for them.

Clearly Casimiro, Hoskins and Arano continue to stand out in the offseason leagues as they position themselves to move up in the Phillies organization in 2016.  No doubt an organization that could use a starting pitching, a power bat and a set up reliever as soon as possible!















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3 Responses to Phillies Prospects Casimiro, Hoskins and Arano Continue To Be Weekend Standouts In The Offseason Leagues

  1. Romus says:

    Glad to see Hoskins’ still keeps the bat alive.
    Do you know what equivalency is the pitching level in the ABL to the American minor league system? Could it be somewhere between Low-A and AA? Perhaps if you run into Dylan Cozens at the complex you could pose that question to him since he was there last winter. Thanks.

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