The Phillies Prospects Logan Moore And Rhys Hoskins Have Made Offseason Baseball Worth Watching


No two Phillies prospects have been more interesting to watch this offseason than Logan Moore and Rhys Hoskins.  Games this Friday and Saturday that they have played have been no exception.

I have been glued to my laptop watching both Moore in the Dominican and Hoskins Down Under.  The last two days were just as interesting as any games I have watch both of them play all offseason.

Friday night it was Logan Moore’s turn.  He went two for four with a triple as the Tigres del Licey won its ninth straight of 10 playoff games in the 18 game Dominican round robbin tournament.  In the four games Moore has started and caught in the post season he is 4 for 15 with a 3-1 won-loss record.

Logan Moore slides into third. (Photo Courtesy of the Tigres de Licey)

Logan Moore slides into third. (Photo Courtesy of the Tigres de Licey)

For the entire Dominican season Moore started 20 games and his catcher’s starting won-lost record is now  an amazing 16-4.   Watch Moore’s triple ending with a pop up slide with a “twist” HERE.

Then, later  at  3:00 a.m. ET  Rhys Hoskins went to work in Brisbane Australia on Saturday night for the Sydney Blue Sox. Though his team lost 8-7 in extra innings,  he went 3 for 5 with a three-run homer, then a two-run homer and a double.

Hoskins is in the top ten offense categories in just about every category in the Australian Baseball League.  He is hitting .410 with 11 RBI’s in his last ten games and is now hitting .329 with a .959 OPS for the ABL season.

So far Hoskins has played in 42 ABL games with 8 homers and 38 RBI’s .  If his numbers there were extrapolated to a full 162 MLB season he would have hit over 30 homers and driven in over 150 runs.

Watch Hoskins home runs HERE and HERE.

But this is a good new/bad scenario.  This week it was announced that Logan Moore was invited to the Phillies major league spring training camp as  when pitchers and catchers report February 18th here in Clearwater.   Rhys Hoskins, though only about seven month younger than highly touted Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco, has yet to get an invite to the major league camp.

As Richie Ashburn would often tell his play-by-play colleague Harry Kalas, back in the day  after the many puzzling moves made by the team back then, “Hard to believe, Harry.”







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One Response to The Phillies Prospects Logan Moore And Rhys Hoskins Have Made Offseason Baseball Worth Watching

  1. dreater says:

    Not puzzling that Moore was invited to ST and Hoskins was not. Logan Moore is a catcher, and orgs need lots of catchers in ST, so minor-league catchers get invited just to provide an adequate number of backstops. It does give Moore an opportunity to be seen by the new front-office folks, though, which could be a good thing for him.

    And don’t worry about Hoskins. They know he’s out there.

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