Finally, The 2015 Season Is Ending For Phillies Prospects Rhys Hoskins, Logan Moore, Dylan Cozens And Jesmuel Valentin

The 2015 baseball season has ended for just about every Phillies prospects.  But not all!

The minor league Phillies bloggers are now slowly but surely ranking their top prospects sometimes one or blocks of ten at a time.  We just received a text from one of our boys in the Dominican Republic with a picture of him long tossing and getting ready to report to the Phillies academy.  And of course the fantasy campers will be gone this weekend so spring training must be right around the corner.

Though when we stopped by the Phillies box office at Bright House to get our Threshers season tickets last week, the line for tickets was not particularly long for Phillies spring training games. In fact it was non-existent.  The only other person in line was one of our Threshers season-ticket holder, Frank, who waited behind us.

Finally for several Phillies prospects this is likely the final weekend of the 2015 season.  We fired up the laptop last night at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning to watch Rhys Hoskins get robbed of a base hit. Watch HERE.  He did  get his 39th rbi in the ABL later in the game in the last weekend of the Australian Baseball League regular season.  It was his 130th rbi for the entire 2015 season.

Hoskins should be headed back to the States soon since his team did not make the ABL post season and will get some rest until March when the minor league camp opens.  He was not invited to the Phillies major league camp.

Earlier Friday night we were watching Logan Moore catch for the Licey Tigers in the Dominican Winter League Finals.  Though he did single and score, Licey went down 3-2 for its third straight loss in the first three games of the nine game championship series.

Logan Moore batting in DWL Playoffs

Logan Moore batting in DWL Playoffs

Then, we checked the score from the finals in the Puerto Rico Winter League championship series and read that Dylan Cozens singled and scored a run and Jesmuel Valentin tripled and scored in the 4-0 win for the Indios de Mayaguez in the first game of the best of seven finals.

As far as Hoskins, Moore, Cozens and Valentin are concerned it probably has been for them the longest baseball season ever.  But it soon will be over.  Just think for Logan Moore, he has to report to the major league camp for pitchers and catchers on February 18th to start the 2016 season.











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