Put Roman Quinn In The Phillies Outfield And Might Just Become the Next “Toy Cannon”

It’s time the Phillies Front Office thinks outside the box.  No more journeymen from other organizations.  Let’s go for it!

And I say why not Roman Quinn in the major league outfield.  With Aaron Altherr out for 4 to 6 months, Quinny would be an ideal replacement even if he has never played about AA.

Roman has been one of our favorites for as long as we can remember.  But now more than ever he is coming into his own.

I am giving away my age but he might be the contemporary Jimmy Wynn of baseball.  I grew up watching the “Toy Cannon” in his prime play primarily in center with Houston and then as a All-Star at baseball ages 32 and 33 with the Dodgers.   Both Quinn and Wynn are listed at 5’10” and in the 160-170 lbs. range in Baseball Reference.

Can Quinn average 25 homers a year as Wynn did in his MLB career?  Who knows.  But after the first ten days of spring training games anything might be possible for the rookie outfielder who turns 23 years old, May 14th.  The only problem is he has struggled with the injury bug and has yet to play a full season without injury.

Roman Quinn smiles as Cesar Hernanez bats

Roman Quinn smiles as Cesar Hernanez bats

He has played in eight Grapefruit games so far and has gone 5 for 16 with a homer and two triples.  Yesterday, against the Twins, Roman went 2 for 4 with two runs scored on a triple, a single, a walk and a stolen base.  Just what any team would want from a lead off hitter.

We saw Roman start the spring training season Sunday a week ago and he hit one of the highest longest shots I have seen all spring.  Only the wind held the ball up long enough for the University of Tampa right fielder to haul in the blast at the base of the wall.  Watch HERE.

It will be interesting to see if the switch-hitting Quinn gets more opportunities to play now that Aaron Altherr  will be out of the lineup for a long time.

Though Quinn is a centerfielder and has not played above AA and Altherr played in right, somehow the Phillies need to get Quinn in the lineup in as many spring training games as possible to see if he can become the next “Toy Cannon”.






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