Nothing Like Three-Run Homers Flying Out Almost At The Same Time From Three Young Phillies Prospects

Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz

What do Phillies prospects Nick Williams, Aaron Brown and Jhailyn Ortiz have in    common?  The answer is they all hit three-run homers on Saturday afternoon in Clearwater on three different fields.

Williams hit his three-run blast in what turned out to provide the winning margin in the Phillies 8-5 win against the Blue Jays at Bright House.

Over the left field wall from Bright House is the Carpenter Complex, home to the Phillies minor league teams.   The ball was flying out there as well.  I was trying to watch two games at one time over there and finding even more three-run homers.

All of the sudden something was happening on Roberts Field in the High A vs. Low A intra squad game.  So I looked over and saw the Phillies big international signee from last year, Jhailyn Ortiz, circling the bases with what appeared to be two runners scoring in front of him.  It was a three-run homer.

Then, a few minutes later on Carlton Field,  Aaron Brown, the centerfielder for the AAA team against the AA team, launched a high, long drive to right with again two runners on base.  Yes, it was another three-run homer.

So within about an hour, three, three-run homers were flying out of the ball fields of the Phillies organization.  All by Phillies prospects.  It just does not get any better than that for those of us who love watching young guys hit the long ball.

Still, the most fun I had Saturday afternoon was watching first baseman Rhys Hoskins club the ball.   Playing for the AA team, I was able to watch Hoskins drill two base hits.  The second hit drove in a run. Watch HERE.

Hoskins is the last guy I would want at the plate with runners in scoring position.  Back in January, I was able to count up 135 runs he drove-in combined in the South Atlantic, Florida State and the Australian Baseball Leagues last season.

With young offensive players such as Williams, Ortiz, Brown and Hoskins playing on three different fields within eyesight of each other, driving-in runs almost at the same time, the future looks bright for the Phillies offense for years to come.















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