Phillies Top Prospects Randolph, Kilome and Garcia Standout In Minor League Spring Training Action

Franklyn Kilome

Franklyn Kilome

Elniery Garcia

Elniery Garcia

Based on the reports from the BlueClawsBlog the Phillies minor league teams have won 11 of their last 12 spring training games. Nice way to start the minor league baseball spring training season.  But spring training is more than about winning.  It’s about identifying future major league players.

Three players we watched closely yesterday on Carlton Field fit the category of future major league players.  They were left-fielder Cornelius Randolph and pitchers Franklyn Kilome and Elniery Garcia.

Cornelius Randolph

Cornelius Randolph

They did not disappoint.  Randolph lined a double to left-center. Watch HERE and just missed going yard with a long ball to right center which died in the wind, caught on the track.  He is the second highest rated outfielder of the Phillies MLB Top 30 prospects.

Kilome and Garcia are two of the highest rated young pitchers in the Phillies system.  In the MLB Phillies Top 30, Kilome is the third highest rated pitcher and Garcia is the highest rated left-hander and 10th pitcher overall on the List.

In yesterday’s 3-0 win over the Pirates farmhands, Kilome and Garcia each pitched three innings.  Kilome gave up one hit with three strikeouts and Garcia allowed three hits with three strikeouts.

Watch Kilome’s strikeouts HERE, HERE and HERE,  Watch Garcia’s strikeouts HERE, HERE and his final strikeout HERE and HERE.

At this time its looks like all three will be on a strong Lakewood roster.




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One Response to Phillies Top Prospects Randolph, Kilome and Garcia Standout In Minor League Spring Training Action

  1. Romus says:

    It will be interesting to see how Franklyn does this season at Lakewood.
    With any success…he could easily ascend further up into the major pubs like BA/BP/MLB top 100.

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