Being a Minor League Phillies Spring Training Fan Can Be Challenging

Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins

It was a tough day yesterday watching Phillies minor league spring training baseball games.  First of all the big league Phillies were playing over at Bright House which denied us free parking.

That meant a mile walk to avoid paying a ten dollar parking fee to watch minor league baseball at the Carpenter Complex.  I am a fiscal conservative as they would say in politics.

But don’t worry, this fan made it both back and forth to the car though one of our minor league colleagues had to leave early to start the walk back to the free parking because of an aching back. It’s spring training for all of us.

Once at the Complex, excitement built because we got to watch three games at one time.  Not a lot of fun though.  I was able to position myself to see the AAA and AA Phillies battle the Pirates on Roberts and Carlton Fields.  But it was a challenge to stay up-to-date with the Phillies likely extended spring training team playing their Blue Jay counterparts on the other side of the Paul Owens building at Ashburn Field.

I gave up trying to keep score of the games because the scoreboards on Roberts and Ashburn were dark and Carlton Field does not even have the luxury of a scoreboard.

It was a good crowd on hand to watch the minor league games yesterday.  Though I kept bumping into the extra players not in uniform, numerous coaches, some players girlfriends and their families watching the games behind the screens and on the small set of bleachers along the baselines.

I did get to see two Clearwater Threshers players from last season play against each other.  The Phillies AA team’s DH, Rhys Hoskins lined a RBI, double down the left field line off the Pirates starting pitcher David Whitehead.  Watch HERE.

And I made it over to Ashburn to watch our good buddy 19 year-old Edgar Garcia pitch an inning against the Jays.  He did not disappoint us striking out two of the three batters he faced.   Watch HERE, HERE and HERE.  The last time we saw Edgar pitch, he struck out the side in a Fall Instructs game over at Bright House.

Finally, this morning I did get to check the scores of the Phillies/Pirates games on the BlueClaws Blog and it looks like both of the games wound up in ties. Maybe they should have a Home Run Derby contest to break the ties like they do in hockey with shootouts to break ties.  I tried to read the score of the Blue Jays game off the Blue Jays lineup card posted on the dugout fence.  It looked like an 8-4 win for the young Phillies. Yea!



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