It Was A “good news” “bad news” Day In the Phillies Farm System

Yesterday was a “bad”news,”good news” kind of day in the Phillies farm system. One of the  highlights of my day though was watching MLB.TV and the Phillies Front Office types sitting behind home plate at First Energy Stadium, squirming a bit, watching the 19-4 slugfest that took place.

The Phillies ran up the score on the Futures in the game hitting eight homers compared to three long balls for the Futures in what can only be described as a wild game.

It was like going to a baseball game and a home run derby contest broke out.

Yes, the wind was blowing out, but still!

The Front Office guys could not have been pleased watching the nine earned runs given up by  pitchers Zach Eflin and the six earned runs surrendered by two-time first round draft pick, Mark Appel.  Both, in only three innings of work.  Or the throwing error by shortstop J.P. Crawford who struggled with errors last season though he did homer to right.

Blame it on the wind blowing out or other reasons but these guys were all first round MLB draft picks. One guy twice.

But, I am happy to announce some “good news” yesterday.   The guys left behind in Florida stood out, particularly catcher Logan Moore who hit a 400 ft. home run to right against the Pirates on Carlton Field. Watch HERE.  OK, it was with the wind.

Second baseman Carlos Alonso came up big with a two-run RBI single up the middle.  Watch HERE.  

Right-fielder Jose Pujols continues to torch the baseball as he has done all spring hitting a line-drive double to left.  Watch HERE. 

Then, Robert Tasin came on in relief and struck out the last two batters he faced.  Watch HERE and HERE.

But, for me the biggest “good” news story yesterday for the Phillies took place at Pirate City in Bradenton where  21-year-old lefty Elniery Garcia pitched five shutout innings, striking out five with no walks.

Garcia now has struck out 20 in only 14.2 innings of work this spring.  He has put on some additional muscle over the winter and reportedly is now sitting his fastball in the mid-90’s after throwing it in the low-90’s last season for Lakewood.  Watch a called strikeout from his first game this spring.  Watch HERE.

The “bad” news yesterday was that some of the Phillies future young players still have a long way to go before the are ready for the big leagues.  On the other hand, the “good” news is that reinforcements were more than ready back in Florida.







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I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here:
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