Vacation Time Is Here But Not For Us Phillies Fans In Clearwater

It has not been a pleasant time here in Clearwater. The Threshers are fading in the Florida State League Northern Division first half race. They were topped by the red hot Tampa Yankees in back to back home games this week.

Not much going on in the extended spring games either over at the Carpenter Complex where everyone there is awaiting their next assignments.

Even when the boys appear to be doing well over there, they admit they could have done better.  We went over to Roberts Field earlier in the week  to watch our good buddy Seranthony Dominguez face the Baby Bombers from the Yankees Complex in Ext. spring action.  Watch HERE, HERE, HERE.

We watched Dominguez strikeout the side on 11 pitches just after we arrived.  He had thrown seven straight strikes to almost pitched the rare “Immacculate Inning” before throwing a border line ball to his third batter on his eight pitch in the inning.   But afterwards he told us his first three innings were a struggle.

Felix Paulino

Felix Paulino

Later, when one of the aces of ext. spring pitching, Felix Paulino, came over, a big smile came over his face when I told him that I know he will do well in Williamsport.  All these guys have been here since the end of March and are ready to finally break camp and play real games in the GCL or the New York-Penn League in a couple of weeks.

Even the Phillies minor league coaches are tired.  Last weekend watching Reading on MiLB-TV, we were told Manager Dusty Wathan was even taking a few days off.

Then, back in Clearwater this week in the battle for first place with Tampa in the Florida State League, the Threshers great pitching coach, “Fultzy”, was on a well deserved vacation. Rehab pitching coach Ray Burris  coached up the pitchers for the big series.

Then we go back to our house and watch the Phillies on MLB-TV and you know the rest of that story.

Talk about vacations, we fans are the ones who really need one from Phillies baseball.

But we fans must have a ” never say die”, “no days off” attitude, when it comes to our beloved boys.

We always have work to do like getting our two guys we are hosting this season to the game on time each day. After all they are one-third of the Threshers starting rotation.  One has a 1.90 ERA in his starts this season and the other is tied in staff wins with five.

Baseball Betsy is on the internet messaging encouragement to another pitcher who is a friend of hers and he now has the third lowest WHIP among all low A pitchers in baseball.

And I just sit in the stands behind home plate at the Threshers games trying to urge better ball and strike umpiring in the Florida State League. Talk about a waste of time!  LOL!


About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here:
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2 Responses to Vacation Time Is Here But Not For Us Phillies Fans In Clearwater

  1. Mark Singer--Jeffreys dad says:

    Anything on Jeff Singer?

    • Hey, Mark, Betsy here. Have to apologize. Ross and I haven’t been to many XST games this year. I did talk to Jeff Tuesday. He seems happy, healthy and says he is feeling good. Hope to be at many more games once GCL starts.

      Kind Regards,
      Baseball Betsy.

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