Reading Fightin Phils Team Home Run Totals Continue To Mount

Talk about a mismatch.  The Reading Fightin Phils have hit 28 more homer and has 94 more RBIs than the next highest team in the Eastern League.   The Fightins 59-23, .720 percent record is the best in all of baseball.

And last night minor league home run leader, Dylan Cozens, hit his 23rd of the season to dead center at First Energy Field against the Harrisburg Senators. Watch HERE.

But what really stood was the home run team disparities between the farm teams of the Phillies and Nationals playing last night.   Cozens’ homer was 108th of the season for Reading as a team compared to the Senators who have hit only 34 homers as a team.

For the entire 2015 season Reading hit 101 homers. They have played 82 game and still have 60 games remaining in the 2016 season.

Jorge Alfaro

Jorge Alfaro

On Friday night, catcher Jorge Alfaro hit his 10th homer of the season to become the fourth player to put up double digit home runs on the team. Watch HERE.   Cozens (23), Rhys Hoskins (22), Jake Fox (15) and Alfaro (10) have combined for 70 of the 108 homers so far this season.

In a similar number of games only four major league teams have hit more homers than the Fighting Phils: Orioles (127), Seattle (120), Toronto (120) and Tampa Bay (110).

On the individual level for Reading in 2012 Darin Ruf hit 38 homers in 139 games and in 2004 Ryan Howard hit 37 homers in 102 games.

It will be interesting to see if Cozens or Hoskins can come close to matching those historic levels.

Unfortunately, even with Ruf and Howard still in the Phillies system and potential roster expansion September call-ups including Ruf, Cozens and Hoskins it hard to make out a starting line with all of them in it.  The Phillies do not play any September games in an American League ballpark where the DH would be used.

It’s hard to get all four boppers in a Phillies starting lineup at the same time short of putting Hoskins, who played in the outfield in the Cape Cod League and Cozens and Ruf in the outfield with Howard at first.

All I know if such a lineup card was ever handed to the umpires, I would make every effort to be at that game!





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