Phillies Prospects Ortiz and Leftwich Are Two Guys To Watch As They Move Up The System

This week we watched several young Phillies who impressed us.  One was right fielder Jhailyn Ortiz, a free agent international signing last year from the Dominican Republic and the other was a starting pitcher, Luke Leftwich, a seventh round draft pick in the 2015 Draft.

At baseball age 17, Ortiz had one of the best of four game stretch of any Phillies prospect this season.  Starting on Monday he went 8 for 17 with three homers for the Gulf Coast League Phillies.

We were able to watch hit first homer on Monday as he lined a long ball knocking several of the fronds off the palm trees in front of the Phillies clubhouse behind the left field fence at Ashburn Field.

Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz

Last night we went to watch Luke Leftwich pitch against the Dunedin Blue Jays.  He lacked defensive support in the second inning when the Threshers middle infielders had difficulty making basic plays but still showed us his “swing and miss” stuff.

Luke Leftwich

Luke Leftwich

Luke Leftwich

Luke Leftwich

He struck out four in his first two innings, including three in row for the last two outs in the first inning and the first out in the second inning.  Watch HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

With Ortiz as a corner outfield power bat and Leftwich, with “swing and miss” stuff, both are future prospects worth the price of admission as they move up the Phillies system!







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