Why Is Baseball’s No. 1 Power Hitter Rhys Hoskins Still Stuck At AA?

Rhys Hoskins headlines (Courtesy of MiLB)

Rhys Hoskins headlines (Courtesy of MiLB)

Free Rhys Hoskins from AA!

Last night in Binghamton N.Y. Rhys Hoskins hit another home run and drove in three more runs to bring his total to five homers and nine RBIs in his last six games. Watch his 35th homer of the season last night HERE.

It got so bad last week that the Altoona Curve pitchers refused to pitch to Hoskins.  They walked him in all five at bats.

Still the Phillies minor league department refuses to move him up to AAA for the rest of the season.  The controversial if not inept minor league department is hard to figure out.

Hoskins has not let the know nothings bother him.  He just keeps powering the ball out the park or taking walks if they refuse to pitch to him.

He was overlooked for the Future Game in San Diego during the All Star game week.  All he did was hit a homer a few day later in the AA All Star game.

His 35 home runs leads all players in  major or minor league baseball this season as do his 104 RBIs.

In 2004, Ryan Howard hit 37 home runs for Reading and was moved up to AAA to end the minor league season and made his major league debut with the Phillies that September.

The Phillies Front Office seems set on keeping Hoskins locked in Reading this season for some reason know only to them.

At 23 years-0ld Hoskins is ready for new challenges.  If the great minds in Phillies organization have no plans for him perhaps one of the 29 other major league organizations can find a spot for him and his power bat next season.


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  1. chris says:

    the season is almost over

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