Three Phillies Prospects We Will Be Watching Closely in 2017 Are Rhys Hoskins, Frankly Kilome and Elniery Garcia

The Phillies really have only one major league ready prospect bat that I saw hit in the entire minor league system in 2016.

And first baseman Rhys Hoskins is not even on the 40-man roster since he has one more year of protection from Rule 5 remaining but he will still turn 24-years-old in March.

Remember, the Cubs fielded a starting lineup of six players 23-years or younger in the World Series.

Look at what Hoskins hit in 2016 with “runners in scoring position” with Reading: .322, driving in 80 runs and slashing at .413/.589/for a 1.002 OPS. in only 146 RISP at bats. He led the entire Philies organization with 9 rbi, sacrifice flies.

I would bet the house that Hoskins will not even be in the major league spring training camp as a non-roster invitee in order not to take at bats away from Tommy Joseph who hit all of .202 with RISP last year with the Phillies.

The strategy to keep Hoskins locked up in the minors will not start his major league arbitration clock until 2018 when he turns 25. Sorta reminds me of what they did with Ryan Howard but he had Jim Thome blocking him.

Definitely not buying a Phillies major league ticket this year unless some of my guys get the call to the Show.

Franklyn Kilome

Franklyn Kilome Instructs 2016

I’ll be watching Franklyn Kilome in Clearwater where he is coming off a season ending three game streak for Lakewood of 20 straight shutout innings, striking out 24.  He won the only game for Lakewood, a one-hit, nine-strikeout gem, in the SAL Finals.

Elniery Garcia in his first AA game. (Photo courtesy of

Elniery Garcia in his first AA game. (Photo courtesy of

We will be watching on MiLB-TV, lefty Elniery Garcia who won his last three games including a playoff qualifying elimination game last season in his final game for Clearwater where he struck out 11 in 7 innings.  Then in his next start he won the only win for Reading in a playoff elimination game.

Rhys Hoskins homers-Photo Courtesy of

Rhys Hoskins homers in 2016 Futures Game at CBP-Photo Courtesy of

And it looks like we will be forced to watch Rhys Hoskins for Lehigh Valley as well on MiLB-TV.  He hit .322 with runners in scoring position to drive in 80 RISP runs including 9 sac. flies for Reading during the 2016 regular season.  But Tommy Joseph is blocking his road to the Show.

In any event, my three guys are way too good for the way the bumbling 2017 Phillies are shaping up in any event. IMO!

About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here:
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7 Responses to Three Phillies Prospects We Will Be Watching Closely in 2017 Are Rhys Hoskins, Frankly Kilome and Elniery Garcia

  1. Romus says:

    If you cannot get the LHV games , with Rhys Hoskins on MiLB-TV, you may be able to get them on 69 live streaming when they are on…normally their home games.

  2. Romus says:

    Baseball Ross:
    Saw your wife’s tweet to Mad Dog today on MLB High heat…hah….Chris Russo seem to be annoyed by it. 🙂

    • Hey! This is Betsy…how did Russo see my tweet? Did he mention it? If it was a tweet could you forward it to me? Thanks, Betsy….

      • Romus says:

        Betsy……it was at the end of the show when they pull up 3 or 4 tweets. His partner pulls them up and Russo comments. I am sorry I do not have it…saw it on the TV.
        But like I said earlier….Russo did not seem too happy, one of the few times he looked annoyed without any comeback but that look on his face said it all. I think because he saw your name/handle , and female, he did not want to comeback with anything derogatory, so it was a no comment but a what a look mind you!

      • Betsy here—-thanks–you made my year with that!!!!

  3. Joe Jacoby says:

    well said about Hiskins…I have been following him since Clearwater and i see he has the goods to be a solid player….I expext a call up sometime late in 2017…agre that he should be a invitee to camp…but you are right the Phillies drag feet when it comes to prospects

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