Who Are The Big Boppers In The Phillies Farm System For 2017?

“Chicks might dig the long ball” but I was brought up digging the long ball hitting too. It started by watching Maris and Mantle battle in 1961 working to break Babe Ruth’s home run record and I will never forget it.

The Phillies farm system had a robust 2016 hitting the long ball.  Phillies farmhands won home run titles in the Eastern and South Atlantic Leagues.

The Phillies big boppers were led by outfielder Dylan Cozens (L) who hit 4o homers and first baseman Rhys Hoskins, who mashed 38 long balls, in the regular season for AA Reading to finish one-two in all of the minor leagues in home runs.   Jose Pujols hit 24 shots out-of-the-park for Lakewood to lead all of low A.

The "Bash Brothers" Rhys Hoskins and Dylan Cozens (Photo Courtesy of MiLB and Reading Fightins)

The “Bash Brothers” Rhys Hoskins and Dylan Cozens (Photo Courtesy of MiLB and Reading Fightins)

Called the Bash Brothers, Cozens and Hoskins were helped by the friendly confines of their home park in Reading but they were still impressive numbers to lead minor league baseball.  On the other hand, Pujols’ home park is one of the most difficult to hit it out.

Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin

At A+ Clearwater, first baseman Kyle Martin (L) hit 19 home runs in 448 at bats to lead the Threshers and was fourth in the Florida State League. He had a big August when he hit six homers in only 86 at bats.   Infielder Derek Campbell (R) hit 11 dingers including an amazing 7 over in a nine game stretch in July.  Derek had only 190 at bats for the Threshers last season.

Jiandido Tromp

Jiandido Tromp

Jiandido Tromp (R) left the park 20 times equally divided between Lakewood and Clearwater, while Andrew Pullin (L) homered 14 times, 4 with the Threshers and 10 with Reading. Also Mitch Walding (L) hit 13 homers with 10 for Clearwater and 3 for Reading.

Jorge Alfaro

Jorge Alfaro

Don’t forget catcher Jorge Alfaro (R) for Reading who homered 15 times plus two more times in the Eastern League post season.

Jhailyn Ortiz

Jhailyn Ortiz

At the rookie level, big right-fielder, 6’3 235 lbs. Jhailyn Ortiz (R) hit eight homers in 173 at bats for third most in the Gulf Coast League.   The real long ball dark horses could be two big left handed bats, first baseman Darick Hall (L) ,6’4″ 236 lbs, who hit six homers in his last 26 games with Williamsport and finished third in the NY-Penn League with nine homers. First baseman/outfielder Greg Pickett (L), 6’4″  230 lbs. who played only in Fall Instructs. We saw Pickett hit two “no doubt about it”  homers in the Instruct games we attended.

Greg Pickett

Greg Pickett

The Phillies have a nice blend of right handed and left handed bats at the corner positions and behind the plate who can hit the long ball.  They should be stacked with power hitters at all four minor league levels to start the season.  The above guys are the ones we will be watching to power the ball over the fences at the Carpenter Complex in the March minor league camp.

Below are the rankings of current Phillies minor league players who hit 11 or more home runs in the 2016 regular season and the best half season rookie/instruct ball home run hitters. Also included are at bats, slugging percentage  and a sample 2016 HR Video for each.

Name                    HR/AB/SLG                                                       Home Run Video

  1. Cozens (L)          40/521/.591                                                   Watch HERE
  2. Hoskins              38/498/.566                                                  Watch HERE
  3. Pujols                  24/498/.440                                                  Watch HERE
  4. Tromp                 20/458/.483                                                  Watch HERE
  5. Martin (L)          19/448/.433                                                   Watch HERE
  6. Alfaro                  15/404/.458  minor league only                Watch HERE
  7. Pullin (L)            14/335/.522                                                   Watch HERE
  8. Walding (L)       13/420/.429                                                   Watch HERE
  9. Williams (L)      13/497/.427                                                    Watch  HERE
  10. Green                  12/354/.432                                                    Watch HERE
  11. Stassi (L)            12/375/.437                                                     Watch HERE
  12. Campbell            11/190/.489                                                     Watch HERE and HERE
  13. Hall (L)                9/195/.518  half-season rookie league      Watch HERE
  14. Ortiz                     8/173/.434  half-season rookie league      Watch HERE nearly a HR
  15. Pickett (L)           Fall Instructs only                                          Watch HERE and HERE







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