Phillies Will Have Four, 22-Year-Old Starting Pitching Prospects To Watch This Minor League Season

The Phillies have long tradition of giving monikers to future major league starting pitching rotations  in their minor league system.

If you can name the Phillies minor league “young guns” rotation of the 90’s, you are a super Phillies minor league fan. They went on to win a combined 13 major league games.  Only 10 of them for the Phillies

If you can name the Phillies minor league “baby aces” rotation of earlier this decade, you are an astute Phillies minor league fan.  They have won a total of  34 major league games so far. Only five of them for the Phillies.

In fact four of the nine “young guns” or “baby aces” never pitched an inning in the major leagues.

So projecting young minor league pitchers can be a hazardous profession, no matter what we might call them!

But here we go!  I am going to tout the current top four starting pitchers in the Phillies minor league system who will pitch at age 22 this season.  All four of them will pitch either at AA or A+ at age 22 by late June this season.

Alberto Tirado

Alberto Tirado

Elniery Garcia

Elniery Garcia

Three of them are already 22-years-of-age, Elniery Garcia, Alberto Tirado and Drew Anderson.  They are on the 40-man major league roster and they have pitched in  major league spring training games.

The fourth, Franklyn Kilome, turns 22 in June and could be the best of the bunch.  He did not need yet to be protected on the 40-man and is headed to the minor league spring training camp.

Garcia was credited with the win in Tuesday’s game after giving up two runs, one earned in the seventh inning.  He came back to retire the side in order in eight. Watch Garcia’s strikeout HERE.  He has three strikeouts in four innings so far this spring.

Brock Stassi hit a three run homer in the bottom of the eight to get the win for Garcia.

Tirado has racked up two strikeouts in his two innings of work while Anderson struck out four in his two innings.

Garcia and Anderson each have given up a home run.  Tirado has yet to be score on.

They all can throw in the low to mid-90’s, command the strike zone most of the time and have good off speed pitch

These four Phillies 22-year-old minor league starters look to be more successful than the “young guns” were or the “baby aces” have been at the major league level.   They just might be the “real deals” when they make the Show.














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I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here:
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3 Responses to Phillies Will Have Four, 22-Year-Old Starting Pitching Prospects To Watch This Minor League Season

  1. Romus says:

    “young guns” rotation of the 90’s….Coggins, Gomes, Green and Eaton?????

    • According to an article by Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle the “young guns” of 1997 were Dave Coggnin, Jason Kershner, Rob Burger and Randy Knoll. Only Coggin and Kershner made it to the majors.

      “The Philadelphia Phillies thought they had something special on their hands a generation ago at Clearwater, but the “Young Guns” rotation of 1997 – Dave Coggin, Jason Kershner, Rob Burger and Randy Knoll – turned out to be overhyped.

      They combined for all of 13 major league wins. Burger never won a game in Double-A; Knoll never even made it that far”.

      • Romus says:

        OK…only got one of the four.
        Coggin was the only first round pick of the four HSers.

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