The Boys Are Back In Town, The Phillies Minor League Pitchers Have Reported!

Just finished reading the Bleacher Report’s “Projecting MLB’s 10 Most Dominating Rotations In 2020”. Read HERE.

The article projected the Phillies with the potential to have fifth most dominating rotation in 2020 because they meet three criteria: feature established veterans, homegrown studs and/or a hired gun or two.

On Thursday Baseball Betsy and I watch pitch one of the names most prominently mentioned for the Phillies in the article, Aaron Nola.  Watch HERE.  He was hitting 94 on the speed gun reading on the Blue Jays scoreboard in Dunedin Florida.

It Nola can maintain that kind of velocity and stays healthy all season it’s going to be a good season for the Phillies and he will be an established veteran ace by 2020.

On Friday afternoon I watched a couple of innings of the Phillies game at Spectrum Field but I was drawn over to the Carpenter Complex.  At two o’clock in the afternoon the young minor league pitchers were headed out for their first workout of the season.

All four fields were in action with pitchers stretching and loosing up with short tossing with  the AAA team on Roberts Field, AA on Schmidt Field, high A on Carlton Field and low A on Ashburn Field.

There was the usual half dozen autograph hunters with their three ring binders on hand and one guy was intent on getting in a picture with Sixto Sanchez, the young 19 year-old- top pitching prospect.

I had a chance to talk briefly with Felix Paulino,  the small, right-hander who was a starter with Williamsport last season and got a quick “hi” from Adonis Medina as he headed to Ashburn Field.

Also mentioned in the Bleacher Report, Franklyn Kilome was the one guy I wanted to check on but he got by me as he headed to Carlton Field to work out with the high A team.

It is Kilome, who I believe, will become a home grown ace for the Phillies by 2020.  He finished the season strong by pitching a seven inning, one-hit, shutout in the SAL Finals against Rome.  Watch HERE.

He should have been given the opportunity to pitch some innings at some point in the major league games over at Spectrum Field with the big team rather than playing “pitch and catch” on Schmidt Field with the minor leaguers.

Franklyn Kilome, in the center of the picture.

Franklyn Kilome, in the center of the picture, looks back toward Spectrum Field where the Phillies were playing the Twins

Kilome will be 22-years-old in June and still needs to prove himself but he showed he just might have top major league stuff going 4-1 with a 1.97 ERA in his last ten starts in the Sally League,

In his last 2016 season start back in September, Franklyn shut down the Rome Braves with ease with a one hit, shutout. The same team Baseball American proclaimed to be its “Minor League Team of the Year”.

Now, the Atlanta Braves are rated to have the No. 1 farm system in all of baseball by MLB Pipeline going into the 2017 season.   No problem for Kilome. He dispatched their signature farm team on 87 pitches in the first game of the Sally championship series on the road in Rome, Georgia.

The Phillies do have the financial power to buy pitching now as they have done with this season with Jeremy Hellickson who pitched Friday against the Twins and Clay Buchholz who they picked up from Boston over the winter.  Both of them will not be around in 2020 but they can find other free agents to fill the holes if needed in the rotation.

So it looks like to Bleacher Report, it’s “2020” or bust for the Phillies when they will have the fifth best starting pitching staff in baseball.










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I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here:
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