Reading’s Scott Kingery Leads All Of Minor League Baseball In Home Runs After This Weekend

Reading’s 23-year-old, second baseman, Scott Kingery is on pace to hit more homers than even Dylan Cozens’ 40 long balls in 134 regular season games last season which led minor league baseball. Kingery has hit 13 homers in the 37 of the 38 Reading games in which he has played this season.

Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery from spring training

Yesterday, Kingery hit two more homers and four in his last three games.  He has hit  13 homers in only a quarter of the season.  Watch HERE.  Last year he hit only five homers in 531 at bats combined between Clearwater and Reading.

Going deep is not exclusive to Reading’s First Energy Stadium for Kingery.  Until Friday night he had hit more homers on the road than at home.  Now, he has hit eight out at home and five on the road.

Most teams would like to have a league leading home run hitter in the middle of their lineups somewhere to drive-in runs. But, Kingery has led off all season.  He has hit seven of his homers with the bases empty including five of them that left the yard leading off an inning.  He has driven in only 27 runs even with 13 home runs.

On the other hand, the experts in the Phillies minor league department have Carlos Tocci hitting out of the three hole in the Reading lineup.  He has yet to homer this season after 134 at bats.  He has only 19 RBIs.

If Kingery remains in the leadoff spot for Reading all season, he will be hard pressed to match the 125 RBIs that Cozens had last year for Reading. He hit in the middle of the lineup.

It will be exciting to watch the Phillies minor league home run leader board all season. With a quarter of the season in the books, Kingery has hit 13 homers (173 PA, 27 RBIs) for Reading, Rhys Hoskins has hit 12 homers (171 PA, 36 RBIs) and Cozens has hit 11 homers (168 PA, 32 RBIs), both for Lehigh Valley.



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