Does Rhys Hoskins Have A Future With The Phillies?

How ’bout that Rhys Hoskins.  He should be in the major leagues somewhere right now!

Time is ticking. The guy will turn 25-years-old next March.

Rhys Hoskins homers off of David Hernandez in 2016 Futures game at CBP-Photo Courtesy of

Hoskins is major league ready.  Just check the batting stats of the 91 players who qualify for the stats sheet in International League this morning. Read HERE.

Even in the spring of 2016 Rhys was ready. He hit a home run off of major league pitcher David Hernandez at the Phillies Futures game in Citzens Bank Park.  Watch HERE.

Currently Rhys leads or is in the top five in just about every IL offensive category. He leads in runs scored, home runs, RBIs, Total Bases, On Base Percent and Slugging. He is the only hitter in the league with an OPS of four digits at 1.118.  Remember the average OPS in the majors is .730.

Hoskins has a shot for the IL triple crown where he is currently third in batting average at .333.

Hoskins comparison to Ryan Howard is stark.   Back in 2004 at baseball age 24 and then baseball age 25 in 2005,  Howard was fighting to get out of AA and AAA just as Hoskins  was buried at AA in 2016 and is now stuck at AAA in 2017.  Both of them were at similar ages and stages of their careers.

Eventually, the Phillies traded incumbent first baseman Jim Thome after the 20o5 season to clear the way for Howard and the rest is history including trips to the 2008 and 2009 World Series.

Will the Phillies give Hoskins a chance to play for them at first base this year?  Short of injury, I doubt it other than a September call up if they can find a spot for him on the 40 man roster.

The problem is current first baseman Tommy Joseph is about ten years younger than Thome was in 2005.  Joseph is all the Phillies have to show for the ill-fated trade back in 2012 when they sent Hunter Pence to the Giants. Pence was the key pickup for the Giants to pave the way for the 2012 and 2014 World Series wins.

In my opinion, Phillies will likely stick with Joseph until they have no other choice.  No matter if Hoskins is a waiting  MLB power bat and has been ready for the Show for the last two seasons!








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4 Responses to Does Rhys Hoskins Have A Future With The Phillies?

  1. Francis Tagert says:

    Any word on what is wrong with Seranthony Dominguez ? Is he throwing on side lines or anything would be great.

  2. Romus says:

    I think the earliest he may possibly be a call-up is right after the Super Two date is established….looks like now in 10 days or so….if not then, then i assume after the trade deadline in July. if it were to happen at all.
    I guess the question still remains…what to do with Tommy Joseph if that happens.
    Hoskins did play LF at Sac State in 2012..then again he was a freshmen and all of 19-years old.
    Would the Phillies want to do that?

    • Hoskins has always been at first even in winter ball in Australia and the DR. Never saw him in the outfield as a pro in spring training or minor leagues. Either Hoskins or Joseph gets traded at the deadline. Hoskins is not on the 40-man. He would have three option years still available. He would make a nice trade piece for a team that needs a right handed power bat either at first or DH. He is a right handed hitting version of Kyle Schwarber. Both of them were born in the same month and year. The difference is that the Cubs give 24 years-old and under American born position players a chance to play in the major leagues.

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