Reading’s Scott Kingery Battling With Mike Trout For Baseball’s Home Run Lead, Game by Game

No sooner did Reading’s Scott Kingery hit a 400 ft. home run over the 380 ft sign yesterday at the ballpark in Manchester, New Hampshire for his 15th of the season than did Mike Trout hit his 16th homer for the Angels to retake the homer lead in all of  affiliated baseball. Read HERE.

Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery from spring training

This kind of performance is expected of Trout who is regarded as the best player in baseball.  He has now hit eight long balls in his last 13 games.

Not to be outdone, ScottyJetpax25 is right there with Trout.  After yesterday’s blast, the Reading second baseman has matched Trout homer for homer with also eight long balls in his last 13 games at AA!

Kingery’s blast yesterday sailed over the 380 ft. sign in left center and had to land over 400 ft. from home plate .  Watch HERE.

Trout leads the American League in OPS at 1.215 and extra base hits with 31.  To go with his 16 homers, he has 14 doubles and 2 triples.  He is hitting .342 with 36 RBIs.

Kingery has a 1.040 OPS to go with his 26 extra base hits (15 homers, 9 doubles and 2 triples). He is hitting .301 with 29 RBIs out of primarily the leadoff spot.  He does lead Trout in runs scored (45 to 36) and stolen bases (10 to 9).

It seems with almost a third of the Eastern League season in the books, the Phillies have a budding superstar in their minor league midst in Scott Kingery.  All he is doing is matching the best player in baseball, Mike Trout, for the home run lead almost “game by game”!





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