2017 GCL Phillies All Stars Include Ben Pelletier, Quincy Nieporte, Manuel Silva and Anton Kuznetsov

Four GCL Phillies players, most of any team in the league, have been selected to the 2017 GCL All Star team.  They include pitcher Manuel Silva, reliever Anton Kuznetsov, corner outfielder Ben Pelletier and first baseman/DH Quincy Nieporte. Read HERE 

Quincy Nieporte

One of out highlights of the Clearwater baseball season is watching the Gulf Coast League  GCL Phillies.  This season ended abruptly for them Sunday afternoon as the GCL Yankees East downed the GCL Phillies 4-0 in the knockout, semi-final game of the playoffs.

Manuel Silva

We still got to seen Phillies, Dominican, lefty, starter Silva pitch a good game. He went five innings allowing two earned runs while striking out five to take the loss. Watch three of his strike “threes” HERE. He went 6-0 with a 2.60 ERA in the regular season.

Nieporte, out of Florida State, had one of the four Phillies hits in the game.  He hit five homers in 41 games to lead the team in the regular season. His 35 RBIs were the fourth highest in the league.  Watch a RBI base hit from the previous week by Nieporte, see HERE.

The offense was lacking as the Phillies could only muster four hits in the semi-final game.  They were missing corner outfielder Pelletier out with a lower body injury.  He was a key bat in the lineup all season.

Ben Pelletier

A 19 year-0ld Canadian from the Montreal area, Pelletier ended the regular season third in the league in batting average hitting .333 and finished his last ten games hitting .368.  Watch Pelletier hit a tape measure home run at Ashburn Field earlier in the season.  HERE.

Selected as the top relief pitcher in the GCL, Kusnetsov was outstanding all season long going 2-1 with five saves allowing only one earned run in 15 games over 25.1 innings. Read an MLB article about the Russian from Moscow, HERE.  Watch him pitch against the GCL Braves earlier in the season HERE.

Below is a picture of the 19 year-old Kusnetsov with his GCL fans John Berry and his wife Anna who is a native of Russia.

Anton Kuznetsov with John and Anna Berry (Photo courtesy of John Berry)




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