The Jury Is Still Out On The Last Five Phillies First Round Draft Picks

The Phillies have not been successful yet in developing impact recent first round draft picks. If the Phillies are ever to make it to October baseball they need to hit on some of them.  Here is an update on how the five most recent first round picks have progressed this season.

The 2013 first rounder J.P. Crawford finally started to hit at AAA after the All Star break with a  second half AAA average of .287 and an .898 OPS. But he ran out of gas at the major league level going only 4 for 27 in his last ten games to finish up hitting .214 in 70 September MLB at bats with the Phillies

Yes, 2014 first round pick Aaron Nola did win one more game than he lost in 2017 going 12-11 and now is 24-22 in his three year MLB career.  But is he the No. 1, top of the rotation, stopper the Phillies need in the rotation?

We watched 2015 first round pick left fielder Cornelius Randolph from our front row seats at Clearwater Threshers games.  He ended the Florida State League season hitting .162 going 6 for 37 in last ten games.  He hit .250 for the 2017 FSL season.   He now is playing in the Arizona Fall League.

We watched 2016 first overall pick, centerfielder Mickey Moniak, on a few MilB-TV games for Lakewood.   In his last ten games he hit .205 going 8 for 39.  He hit .236 for the Sally League season.  We just finish watching him play several games in the Florida Instructs. He came up with several base hits in one of the final FIL games. Watch HERE.  

Mickey Moniak doubles at Instructs against the Yankees

So what has the 2017 first round pick, left fielder Adam Haseley, done so far? He did hit .308 going 12 for 39 in his last ten games at Lakewood.   He hit .270 at Williamsport with a .730 OPS in 137 at bats and .258 at Lakewood with a .694 OPS in 66 at bats.  A .730 OPS is usually considered the average OPS in most leagues.  He has just finished up playing in Instructs.  There he showed the ability to hit to all fields in the final week of Instructs.  Watch HERE.  Looks for him to get an invite to the major league camp.

Adam Haseley singles down the left field line at Instructs against the Yankees

The jury is still out on the last five Phillies first round draft picks.  The 2018 season will be important for them all to see if any of these first round picks can have a breakout season to become significant impact players .  So far I am of limited optimism with Aaron Nola as the best of the bunch.  The rest still have a lot to prove for the amount of money they have been paid as No. 1 picks.


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