Our Top Ten Prospect Videos From The Backfields of Phillies Baseball in 2017

I must admit I love the backfields of Phillies baseball.  You never know what you are about to see.  It is truly where “the stars of tomorrow play today”.

We saw just about all Phillies baseball had to offer on the backfields in 2017.  From a tape measure home run off the batters eye and another home run hit into a younsters’ playground on an adjacent field, to hitting for the cycle and one guy  homering to all three field during the first week of spring  games.  It was prospect baseball at its best by young players, some of them just being introduced to us watching.

We saw a tall, 18 year-old, free agent just signed August 23rd out of  the New York City area, read HERE, who somehow always seemed to get runs across while batting in ninth innings, to a hitter blasting a rare triple for a catcher, to high price outfield talent showing what the future might hold for them.

On the mound we saw a young breakout pitching prospect strikeout the side, to a teenage Russian reliever get a save with a clean ninth inning.

Watching baseball on the backfields was exciting in 2017.  Whether it be in minor league spring and extend spring training games to the Gulf Coast League games to Fall Instructs, the games on the backfields are alway exciting and revealing.

We have selected ten events which caught our attention from the backfields in 2017.  We hope you enjoy these videos as we did watching them live.

  1. Greg Pickett.   The tall first baseman stood out in Fall Instructs.  One of his homers hit high off the batter’s eye in dead center at the Blue Jays Complex.  Watch his video reel HERE.

    Greg Pickett

  2. Darick Hall.  Another big first baseman hit three homers in five games during the first week of minor league spring training games. He hit one to each field in an awesome display of power.  Watch his video reel HERE. 

    Darick Hall

  3. Mitch Walding.  In a minor league spring training game, Walding hit for the cycle.  Watch it HERE.

    Mitch Walding

  4. Ben Pelletier.  The corner outfielder hit one of the longest home I ever saw it on Ashburn Field in a GCL game  It landed over the left center field fence on Ashburn Field on to a playground for youngsters on Spectrum Field,  home of the Threshers.  Watch it HERE.

    Ben Pelletier

  5. Rodolfo Duran.  He hit a rare triple for a catcher.  He just made it as he slide into third after driving a long blast to center in a Fall Instructs game.  Watch it HERE.

    Rodolfo Duran

  6. Carlos De La Cruz.  We knew little about the powerfully built Cruz, but he soon got our attention seemingly always getting key runs across in the ninth inning of Fall Instructs games.  Watch HERE and HERE.
  7. Simon Muzziotti.  He will battle Mickey Moniak for the centerfielder of the future title.  He always seemed to hit when we were watching him in Fall Instruct games.  Watch HERE.

    Simon Muzziotti

  8. Mickey Moniak and Jhailyn Ortiz.. They were the big draft pick and international free agent signings who might anchor the Phillies outfield many years to come.  Watch them hit in Fall Instructs. HERE.

    Mickey Moniak

    Jhailyn Ortiz

  9. Anton Kuznetsov.  No he is not a hockey player but a late inning lefty reliever. Watch him pick up a save against the Blue Jays in a GCL game HERE.

    Anton Kuznetsov

  10. Adonis Medina.  He struck out the side in a minor league spring training game against the Pirates. Watch HERE.  He was just selected by Mlb Pipeline as one of its 12 most likely breakout minor-league prospects in all of baseball for 2018.  Read HERE.

    Adonis Medina


If you are planning to visit the Carpenter Complex for the minor league camp this March these are some of the players who starred on the back fields in 2017. You will need to check them out.



About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here: https://baseballross.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/how-i-got-started-in-baseball/
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