Scott Kingery Is Becoming This Year’s Spring Training Kris Bryant

With Scott Kingery’s third home run in 12 at bats yesterday, he now has gone 5 for 12 in his first 12 at bats in spring training. He is tied for second in home runs so far in all of major league spring training   Watch HERE.

Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery in spring training 2017 were sent back down to the minor league camp to start last season.

No matter how well  Kingery does, he will not be on the opening day Phillies 25-man roster.  He turns 24 years-old on April 29th and has shown he is major league ready!

You might ask then why not?  Under the MLB  collective bargaining agreement, if the Phillies can keep him down on the farm for a few more games in April they will get another year of control before he can become a free agent.

Just asked the Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant. He was invited to spring training by the Cubs in 2015. In 40 at-bats, he hit nine home runs, which led all players. He had a .425 with a .477 on-base percentage and a 1.175 slugging percentage.  Bryant needed to play 12 days in the minors before being promoted to the majors, the Cubs then received another year of club control.

Bryant now going to fight this kind of actions by MLB by hoping to become the new Cubs player representative. Read HERE.

Scott Kingery deserves to be on the Phillies opening day 25-man roster but arcane rules   in the current collective bargaining agreement makes it beneficial for the Phillies to keep him down on the Farm to start the season.  It sure looks like Kingery will become the Kris Bryant of 2018 spring training.



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