Reading’s Deivi Grullon Just Had A Ten Game Span To Remember To Begin The Month of May

Only the schedule could stop the red hot bat of Reading’s catcher Deivi Grullon because  the Fighting Phils are off today.

In his first ten games of May, Grullon hit .400 going 14 for 35 with four home runs.  In his last four games of that stretch, he hit three of the home runs including a grand slam and drove in nine runs.

Deivi is now in his sixth season in the Phillies organization.  Once a highly regarded international signing out of the Dominican Republic in 2013, he is finally having a breakout season we all hoped for. Remember he is only 22-years-old.  So far this season he is slashing at .288/.318/.600 compared to a career slash line of .243/.291/.367.

Deivi Grullon

The home ballpark factor does come into play.  At the friendly confines of First Energy Stadium in Reading he has hit all seven of his home runs this season.

In any event Deivi is having a May to remember.  Watch all four of his home runs he has hit in May:  HERE, (fast forward to the 2:20 mark)HERE, HERE and HERE (fast forward to around the 1:04 mark).

If he can finish the first half of the season in Reading strong, he can not be denied a mid-season call up to Lehigh Valley and added to the 40 man roster for September when major league rosters expand. It’s interesting to note the Phillies are carrying only its two major league catchers on the 40-man roster   Grullon just might be the top prospect as a Phillies catcher of the future.






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2 Responses to Reading’s Deivi Grullon Just Had A Ten Game Span To Remember To Begin The Month of May

  1. Romus says:

    Always liked Grullon
    Perhaps now his offensive capabilities will finally start to show.
    Defensively he is very capable.
    One thing that he really should work on this off-season….is conditioning….he may want to shed around 15 lbs, especially lose some around the mid-section.

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