Cumana, Williams, Lartigue, Medina and Dohy Are the Reasons to Watch the Threshers in the Second Half

I can not remember a series at any level where one team scored only in one inning of a four game series.  This is what the Clearwater Threshers just accomplished in its four-game series with the Dunedin Blue Jays.  Only in the ninth inning with two outs in the third game of the series on Thursday did they manage to score four runs for a win.  The other 35 innings saw big goose eggs go up on the old Dunedin Stadium scoreboard for four straight games.

Last night’s game was no exception as the Threshers went down 3-0 for its third shutout in four days. They were outs scored 16-4 in series.  In each game a shutout was pitched.  It has not been interesting baseball though.

The Threshers have a few position players worth watching such as Luke Williams who plays all-over-the-place, catcher Henri Lartigue and left fielder Grenny Cumana but most of the the rest of the guys simply do not play at a major league prospect level.

Adonis Medina

Few of the starting pitchers look like they will pan out at the final level especially with the what appears to be a newly imposed five inning per start limit giving us little expectations of what they can do. The best starter they have is Adonis Medina who had won seven games in row before taking a loss in the first game of the Blue Jays series, watch his three strikes out from Blue Jays game HERE.  The Threshers have a somewhat strong bullpen led by Kyle Dohy.

Grenny Cumana

Last night it was Grenny Cumana who entertained us.  A converted infielder, he showed he has a major league skill set in left field and with the bat.  Grenny went two for three and threw out a runner at home plate, watch HERE.

In only 15 games in left field this season he has already thrown out five runners.   He is now hitting .373 with two homers in 83 at bats since being promoted from extended spring training back on June 11th.

Henri Lartigue

Luke Williams


Williams had a career month hitting .333 with 6 home runs in June. Latigue has been strong with the bat with game winning hits and walk off home runs lately.  Dohy has now stood out at both Lakewood where he was a Sally League All-Star and with the Threshers.  He showed a major league arm with a fastball sitting in the mid 90’s on Wednesday night when he struck out five in two innings to get the Threshers only win in the series.

With only 50 more games to go in the Florida State League season, we would like to watch more of Cumana, Williams, Latigue, Medina and Dohy but all of them deserve to move up to the next level on their way to the Show, ASAP!  No reason for them to stay any longer on a losing team in the miserable, summer time heat and humidity of Florida.






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