The Phillies Rhys Hoskins and Minor League Prospect Jose Pujols Hit 12 Home Runs Combined In Their Last 8 Games.

We could be watching the Phillies corner outfield of the future: Rhys Hoskins in left and Jose Pujols in right.  Over eight days in late July they have put on home run shows we will never forget. Over the last eight games Hoskins has hit seven homers for the Phillies and Pujols hit five for the Threshers.

Saturday night was interesting. We sat down to watch the Phillies game in Cincinnati and before we could get settled Hoskins hit a two-run homers to give the Phillies a short-lived 2-1 lead over the Reds. It was his seventh long ball in his last eight games.

On the internet we were following the Clearwater Threshers playing the Lakeland Flying Tigers.  About the same time Jose Pujols went deep for his fifth homer over at Publics Field in Lakeland.  It was his fifth homer in his last eight games.  The game would quickly be suspended by weather and will be finished on Sunday.

It’s amazing to think of 12 home runs hit by two corner outfielders in the same organization in the same eight game span.  The question remains, will they play together in the same Phillies outfield?  It could happen-but how soon?

Hoskins is baseball age 25 and make his major league debut August 10th of last season.  Pujols had to repeat High A ball after a disastrous season last year.

Hoskins played at the A ball level in 2015 where he hit 17 home runs combined between Lakewood and Clearwater. He hit his 18th homer that season in the Florida State League playoffs.  On the other hand, Pujols hit his 18th home run of the season Friday night and came with still 35 games remaining in the FSL season.

Rhys Hoskins

Watch Hoskins hit his 18th A ball level home run, HERE, in 2015 and Pujols hit his 17th of the season Thursday night for the Threshers, HERE.  The homers were almost in the same spot only Pujols’ was a bit farther into the bullpen at Spectrum Field.

Jose Pujols homers

Hoskins slashed at .317/.394/.518 in 2015.  In the 2018 season Pujols is slashing at .301/.366/.510, almost the same slash line three years later.  So they have put up very similar numbers at the A ball level.

This season Hoskins has committed four errors and has two outfield assists in left while Pujols has committed nine errors and has 10 outfield assists in right.

Both Hoskins played and Pujols are playing in A ball at baseball age 22. At the A ball level they have comparable numbers.

It will be interesting to see, if at some point, the Phillies will have a starting lineup with Hoskins in left Pujols in right.  Over an eight game span at the same time in July of 2018, one at the MLB level and the other at the FSL level, they have both excelled!








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