Who’s Hot and Who’s Not for the Clearwater Threshers with One Month Left in the Season

With just over 30 games remaining in the 2018 minor league season, it is very important for players to finish “strong”. A lot rides on what they do over the next month.

Who will be invited to the prestigious Arizona Fall League?  Who will be asked to Fall Instructs yet again? Winter ball assignments will be made. Finally, who will be protected on the 40-man roster to avoid the always underwhelming Rule Five Draft. These are some of the questions that will be answered before the end of 2018.

Last year, Darick Hall was assigned to the Clearwater Threshers for the final two series of the season.  We learned he could hit a lot of home runs-which he did when he hit three homers in the first series. Then, we learned that he could not time up left-handers curve balls when he struck out several times in the final series of the season.

It is very important to finish the final month of the minor league season strong.  Let’s take a look at who is finishing “strong” in the last ten games for the Threshers not including tonight’s game.

As of Tuesday morning the Threshers have four players hitting over .300 including one who is hitting over .400 in their last ten games.  Here we go with “who is hot ” who is so-so” and ” who is not hot” over their last 10 games up to July 30th:

Who is hot in the last last ten games:

Kevin Markham

Outfielder, Kevin Markham: BA .484 (15/31), no home runs, 3 RBIs.

Edgar Cabral

Catcher/DH, Edgar Cabral:  BA .368 (14/38), one home run, 9 RBIs.

Jose Pujols homers

Right fielder, Jose Pujols: BA . .324 (12 for 37), five home runs, 15 RBIs.

Mickey Moniak

Centerfielder Mickey Moniak: BA .308 (11/36), no home runs, 5 RBIs.

Who has been “so-so” last ten games:

Left-fielder/DH, Grenny Cumana: BA .273 (9/33), no home runs, 1 RBI.

Infielder/outfielder, Luke Williams: .250 (9 for 36) one home run, 9 RBIs.

First baseman, Kyle Martin: .250 (9 for 36) one home run, 6 RBIs.

Catcher/DH Henri Lartigue: .220 (9/41) one home run, 1 RBI.

Who is not hot:

Shortstop, Arquimedes Gamboa: .216 (7/36) no home runs, 2 RBIs.

Second, third baseman, Raul Rivas: .212 (7/33) no home runs, 6 RBIs.

Third, second, shortstop, Jose Gomez: .194 (7/36) no home runs, 2 BBIs.

Granted, the last ten games is a small sample size but it tells a lot about the current Clearwater Threshers position players going into the final month.  Obviously, if Jose Pujols can continue his torrid pace from the last ten games in July, he belongs in AA before the season ends!






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