The Sally League Championship Series Is All But Over After the Fiasco Last Night!

It was one of the worst games I have ever watched! Between the Lexington Legend and Lakewood BlueClaws last night, nine errors were committed, not to mention passed balls, balks, poor coaching on the bases and I could go on and on. I will. Lakewood went 2 for 12 with RISP and 5 of the 9 runs scored in the game were unearned.

You can go watch it for yourself in case you missed it on MiLB-TV.  It was just bad baseball all around resulting in the 6-3 win by Lexington to go up 2-1 in the best-of- SAL Championship Series.

Even with Spencer Howard of no-hit fame on the mound on the bump tonight in Game 4, it’s all over for the Lakewood BlueClaw.  The BlueClaws have only led for for one of 29 innings played and none in regulation in the first three games. Enough is enough this Series is over!

For me, the penultimate play in the Series came last  night in the bottom of the fifth inning of Game 3 with Lakewood trailing 5-2. They loaded the bases with one out. Madison Stokes hit a high drive that the centerfielder could only get a glove on over his shoulder as the ball rolled off it to the centerfield warning track.  I immediately thought the score would be now 5-4 but Rodolfo Duran, the runner on second base, was held at third. The runners only advanced station to station still leaving the bases loaded and the score was now 5-3.  After a pitching change, the inning ended on a ground ball double play.  ‘Game, set, match” as they would say in tennis.

It’s plays like that get managers “fired”.  Oh! that’s right five minor league coaches have already been let go by the experts in the Phillies Front Office since the end of the regular season and the now former farm director left town last week never to be heard from again.

What else did we learn last night. The Phillies big international signing from a few years back, Jhailyn Ortiz can not hit even the most hanging of curve balls. He went 0 for 4 with two strikeouts. In his five at bats he left three runners on base in scoring position. He did hit a sacrifice fly rbi, however.

All the news was not bad last night.  Middle reliever Luis Carrasco pitched the game of his life. He threw 3.2 innings of one-hit, no-run, relief striking out four.  His fast ball was tracked in the high 90’s on the TV speed gun and one time it even flashed 100 mph on the MiLB-TV screen box. He had an excellent slider, too.  However, after the fiasco in the fifth inning the game was effectively over.

I guess we will peek in on Game 4 tonight on MiLB-TV just to watch Spencer Howard try to work his magic again and to avoid watching the Phillies. Even it Spencer pitches another “no-no”, it’s no guarantee that Lakewood can win,  This Championship Series is “all but over”.




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