The Phillies Instructs Shutdown by the Orioles, 7-2 in Tuesday’s FIL Action

Not much was going on in yesterday’s Instructs game for the Phillies. The Phillies had trouble squaring up the ball while the Orioles hit the ball hard. In fact the “O’s” hit two homers and two doubles to up end the Phillies 7-2 in FIL action.

Matt Vierling

The only hard hit balls by the Phillies included a RBI single by left fielder Matt Veirling  (USA), watch HERE. Other than in Veirling’s at bats, nothing else was hit hard except a double by Arquimedes Gamboa (VZ) watch HERE and a foul ball line drive down the right field line by 17-year-old catcher Cesar Rodriguez (VZ). Watch HERE. Yes, it was that bad that I had to use a foul ball to get another hard hit ball by the Phillies in the game.

Victor Vargas

We did get to watch a top international signing from last year ($500,000), starting pitcher Victor Vargas (Columbia). He worked the first, two-innings. Watch his strikeout HERE.

Ben Pelletier

Right fielder Ben Pelletier (Canada), catcher Abrahan Gutierrez (VZ) and second baseman Curtis Mead (Australia) managed soft contact base hits, watch HERE. Pelletier showed off his accurate arm from the edge of the warning track in right on a throw to third base. Watch HERE. 

Curtis Mead

It was not a great game to evaluate the Phillies talent. After watching two interesting Instructs games last week, Monday’s game was great only if you were an Orioles fan.

The next home Instructs games at Spectrum Field are scheduled for Friday at noon with the Braves and Saturday morning at ten o’clock again with the Orioles.





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5 Responses to The Phillies Instructs Shutdown by the Orioles, 7-2 in Tuesday’s FIL Action

  1. Romus says:

    Have you seen Adam Haseley anywhere down there at instructs?.
    Since he was placed on that out of the ordinary TIL on Aug 25th….missing the last ten games of the Reading season….there seems to be little if no word on how he is doing.

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