Phillies, One of Only Five MLB teams to Not Lose A Player in Rule 5 Draft.

The Phillies did not lose any players in the Rule 5 draft.  They are one of only five MLB teams not to have any Rule 5 players drafted. Read HERE.  Either it means the Phillies did a good job of protecting their young minor league talent or they are not all that deep in minor league talent.  Experts will argue most of the top young Phillies prospects were not yet eligible for the Rule Five Draft.

Gilmael Troya (Photo courtesy of MiLB)

They did draft a couple of players in Rule 5 but traded one of them in the Major league portion for international slot money.  The did draft Gilmael Troya, a 21-year-old pitcher from the Yankees in the minor league portion. We alway like a pitcher who can average better than a strikeout an inning at any level.  He did that in the Appy League last summer. Read about him HERE.

Before the Rule 5 Draft, the Phillies protected its top eligible talent. The Phillies added three players to its 40-man major league roster and protected  37 of a potential 38 minor league player limit on its AAA roster from Rule Five.

Some concern about the quality of the players in the Phillies system was expressed when it was suggested that not enough high level talent was available to pull off a trade for Marlins catcher, J.T. Realmuto, read HERE.

It seems to us that the Phillies need to sign Manny Machad0 and/or Bryce Harper to convince the skeptical Phillies fan base that they are prepared to make a serious run for the 2019 post season.









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