Mickey Moniak Is Getting All the Recent “Pub”, But Don’t Forget About Other Phillies Prospects!

Former No.1 overall draft pick Mickey Moniak is getting all kinds of big “write ups” and invites. NBC Sports Philadelphia, read HERE, devoted a recent story to Moniak.  The Phillies have invited him to major league spring training camp and a recent Prospects Education program at CBP.

Mickey Moniak

Good for Mickey! He earned it after having a strong second half for the Clearwater where he hit .286 with 4 homers and 29 RBIs in the last 60 regular season games. On the season he hit .295 with 3 homers and 50 RBIs with runners in scoring position. We look for big things from him in 2019 in Reading.

I still can’t figure out why top first base prospect Darick Hall was not invited to the major league spring training camp. Hopefully, he will get called over from the minor league camp for a few swings with the big boys in the major league camp! They could use a left handed power bat since Harper has yet if ever to sign with the Phillies.  The 23-year-old Hall hit .322 with 11 homers and 76 RBIs combined in 155 at bats with runners in scoring position in 146 games in the 2018 season. This includes Darick’s play with Clearwater, Reading and in the Arizona Fall League. Overall in 2018, he led the entire Phillies organization with 99 RBIs and came in second in home runs with 30 to Rhys Hoskins’ 34 homers.

Three of our blogs from the 2018 season show the power in the Phillies farm system from the players who played at some point in Clearwater last year.  They include homers by Moniak and Hall along with other top Phillies power prospects. Read and watch the contents of the three blogs HERE, HERE and HERE. These blogs provide examples of the home run pop in the Phillies farm system from the 2018 season.






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I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here: https://baseballross.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/how-i-got-started-in-baseball/
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1 Response to Mickey Moniak Is Getting All the Recent “Pub”, But Don’t Forget About Other Phillies Prospects!

  1. Ro Mus says:

    I am a huge Darick Hall fan.
    He however gets no positive recognition from many of the experts who rate prospects.
    One being he is position limited to first base…and two i assume was his Reading slash line to include BB/K rate.
    Can understand the first base limitation…but do not agree with the offensive critique he has received.
    For a player with his ISO and SLG%….his 23% K rate is exceptional compared to others with similar ISO and SLG%
    Now his BB rate seems low on the surface less than 6%….but what the experts cannot seem to fathom…is that his HBP rate is in the two percentile of all minor league hitters.
    He has been hit 54 times over the span of only 1259 PAs….with many coming with a three ball count…..these only factor in on his OBP (HBP) but do not factor into his BB rate….assuming a HBP with three ball count is ball four.
    So that 5% BB rate is really skewed lower since three ball count HBP are not a factor of its computation…and he has one of the highest HBP rates in the minors.

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