The Phillies Makes Changes But the Results Are No Different

Out goes Maikel Franco in comes Scott Kingery at third base but results stayed the same  in Sunday’s loss. The Phillies were outscored 10-5 against the Chicago White Sox, one of the worst teams in the major leagues.  The more things change, the more they stay the same! Oh, that’s right the Phillies still have the same manager.

The fading Phillies are reminiscent of last year’s team which played well in the first half but collapsed in the second half. This year’s team appears to be no different. The August collapse has begun, yet again.

Alec Bohm

Hopefully, help is on the way. Over the weekend the 2018 first-round draft pick, Alec Bohm, was the difference in two wins for Reading. He went deep in Saturday’s and Sunday’s games when it counted to provide the winning margins. Watch HERE and HERE.

The Front Office sent down third baseman Maikel Franco who has been a staple in the Phillies lineup since 2015.  Bohm would seem to be the heir apparent at third base. Though the Front Office seems insistent that he also plays some at first base. In any event, it looks like the new third baseman, Scott Kingery, will sooner or later be move to second base to make way for Bohm at third.

With the expected second half swoon of the team now taking place, it would make sense to make the move with Bohm taking over at third and Kingery to second in September when the Phillies are expected to be out of contention. This means Franco and Cesar Hernandez will be history.

If somehow the Phillies stay in the hunt in September, Franco will be a September call-up went rosters expand and Hernandez will stay at second at least to the end of the season.

Look for Bohm to get a call-up to Lehigh Valley before the AAA season ends and be a September call-up, if the Phillies continue to tank as expected.

Look for no changes in the Front Office where the team’s President and General Manager  are reportedly working on recent three-year contract extensions.



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