Phillies Catchers and Pitchers Have Reported To Clearwater: J.T. Realmuto Stands Out With the Bat

If you want a batting practice home run ball, just stand behind the left field fence at Roberts Field. This is where J.T. Realmuto deposited at least ten long balls over the fence in catchers batting practice on Thursday. He looks ready right now to get the season started. He hit a couple balls over the Roberts Field scoreboard, one off the batter’s eye in dead center and several others high over the left field fence.

It’s good the arbitrator who will decide his salary in a hearing the end of the month was not watching on Roberts Field today or it would be a closed case. J.T. would get all the money he wants!

Manager Joe Girardi, a former catcher when he played, kept a close eye on the catchers hitting on Roberts Field. He had to be impressed with the power bats of the catchers.

Joe Girardi

With the injury to backup catcher Andrew Knapp, the door was opened for Henri Lartigue to join Realmuto in the batting cage on Roberts Field. The switch-hitting catcher took one out down the line to right in B.P. The Phillies third catcher after Knapp, Deivy Grullon was working on throwing to second base from his knees on Carlton Field.

We were able to watch two pitching groups working on the ever popular pitchers fielding practice on Carlton Field, as well.  One group was dominated by veteran starters such as Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler and Nick Pivetta.  The other group was dominated by young pitching prospects up from the minors such as Adonis Medina, Mauricio Llovera and Connor Brogdon.

Friday afternoon, we expect to see the minor league batters, not in the major league camp, workout at the Carpenter Complex. Thursday noon we passed, while walking to back to the car, many of these minor leaguers returning from DiMaggio Field where they were working out including the likes of Jhailyn Ortiz, Simon Muzziotti and Bryson Stott.






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