We Would Rather Read Stories and Watch Videos About the Next Generation of Phillies Players

We’re tired of reading about the past and make believe baseball games. There is nothing we can do about history anyway. The Phillies media coverage has been reduced to stories about the Phillies history or playing video fantasy games with Cole Hamels out-dueling Steve Carlton. Read HERE. We would rather read stories about the next generation of Phillies players.

The latest boring commentaries are now about “what ifs” from bygone eras. For example, what if the Phillies had won “a luck of the draw, out of a hat” pick for Tom Seaver in 1966 rather than the Mets?  Read HERE.

Yes, it would have been nice to team Seaver with Carlton after the Phillies acquired Carlton in 1972. World Series parades down Broad Street likely would have followed in the late 70’s.

Spencer Howard

Well, the Phillies do have a Tom Seaver look-a-like in Spencer Howard, if they ever put him in the major league starting rotation and give him a lower number! Howard has Seaver stuff and even looks like him on the mound.  They did allow him to pitch one inning in the last inning of the final spring training game played at Spectrum Field.

The problem is, do the Phillies have anyone in the organization who can play the Carlton role? Back in December we blogged about the fact that the Phillies have not had an effective left-handed starting pitcher since Cole Hamels.

We listed a series of young left-handed starters we watched over the last several years currently in the Phillies minor league system. They have the potential to pitch in the major league rotation someday but they are not Steve Carlton, but no one really is! Read HERE.

Then, the pandemic hit and brought a quick ending to the minor league camp on March 12th.  We did not get a chance to see the likes of lefty starters Damon Jones, Bailey Falter, David Parkinson, Ethan Lindow, Erik Miller or Josh Hendrickson pitch in minor league games.

Lefty Ranger Suarez did start three earlier Phillies Grapefruit League games and allowed two earned runs and ten hits while striking out eight over eight innings. Jones pitched three scoreless, no-hit innings in two Grapefruit games and struck out five. Parkinson pitched one inning in a Grapefruit game and struck out two.

Most of them have the size to match Carlton in height with Jones at 6’5″, Falter at 6’4″,  Parkinson at 6’2″, Lindow at 6’3″, Miller at 6’5″ and Hendrickson at 6’4″. Jones and Hendrickson come closest to matching Carlton’s size which was originally listed at 6’4″ height and 210 lbs..

Now, all they have to do is throw the slider like “Lefty”!







About Baseball Ross

I have been a faithful Phillies follower all my life. Today I am most intrigued by those players in the minor league system who work every day of the year to make it to the Show. This is what this blog is mostly all about. To read more, click here: https://baseballross.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/how-i-got-started-in-baseball/
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