At Least The Phillies Are Winning the MLB Off-Season Led By Manager Joe Girardi and Chief Scout Brian Barber

The Phillies won the 2020 Grapefruit League and had the best record at 14-5 in the MLB in the 2020 spring training games. Not to be out done they are also winning the the non-drafted free agent signing period after the first week.

According to Baseball America, 7 of the 10 Phillies signed free agents made a BA List, five are rated on its Top 20 Non-drafted Free Agent List and two more were rated 13th and 19th respectively on BA’s Senior Non-drafted List. All of them are pitchers. Only the Kansas City Royals come close to the Phillies with the number of non-drafted free agents signed on the BA Lists. Read HERE.

Buddy Hayward (Photo Courtesy of Harvard University)

The most recent Phillies signing is Harvard’s pitcher Buddy Hayward.  Read about him HERE.

The nondrafted amateur free agent signing period ends August 1st. These free agents can be had for no more than $20,000 each. The Phillies are the only team to have signed non drafted free agent pitchers exclusively.

So far, the Phillies have signed 12 players, two of the four players drafted and the 10 non-drafted pitching free agents. Still to sign is their No. 1 draft pick, pitcher Mick Abel and second pick shortstop, Casey Martin, chosen in the third round. Read HERE and HERE.

Manager Joe Girardi led the Phillies to the most Spring Training MLB wins. Chief Amateur Scout, Brian Barber, is leading the Phillies to the top of the list of quality Non-drafted Free Agent signings. They have started out strong in their new jobs. Now all we need is to get the season started!




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